Minneapolis Protest

Some coverage from protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 30, 2020, three days after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Written by All Gas No Brakes


  1. I love how this channel has the most stupid people in the world but at the same time, they come out with this when everyone interviewed has a valid point and makes you have an insight on this complicated matter

  2. You should have interviewed that vampire more. He has lived thru hundreds of years of oppression I bet his story is great. I mean he looks 15 which would mean he lived 1/2 his life under Obama. The funny thing is they ruined their own town. No business is coming back. Welcome to Detroit 2 dumbasses.

  3. Martin Luther King jr. has his own national holiday because he PEACEFULLY protested segregation and racism, blm will never have a national holiday because destroying cities is not a good way to protest.

  4. The biggest lie of this century. George Floyd literally died from a Fentanyl over dose/respiratory distress, NOT a cops knee on his neck. He chewed & swallowed it when the cops walked up to him as he was sitting in his car.. You can see it in his mouth while talking, right before they ask him to exit the vehicle. Then he immediately started repeating "I can't breathe." The coroner report said he had almost 4X what would be an overdose..

  5. Uh, George actually died of a drug overdose.
    If you watch the bodycam he was saying he couldn't breathe the whole time he was with them, not just when they were on him.
    He killed himself through his love of drugs.
    There are real people being shot and killed out there, just saw the other day a white guy just stepped out of his door and the police shot him dead. No provocation. Where's his protest?

  6. RIP George Floyd. After watching the body cam footage I really felt bad for you. But I don't think the cops were bad. They tried to help you. None of what is in this video will make things better. It will make things worse. Burning people's businesses , fighting and shooting each other, looting is no good. It's time for peace. The people doing this have gotten away with it so far but they will not win this war. How many more have to die.

  7. Martin Luther King protects were not peaceful! Many, many many black Americans unarmed were beaten to death with clubs, hosed with fire hoses, spit on, bitten by police dogs, shot at and jailed! The white people were responsible for the violence. Black protestors never had any intention of fighting these racist. Their intentions were a peaceful march for their human and American rights.

  8. Anyone who thinks violence, burning and looting is going to make anyone listen to them is fucking stupid. That’s not how it works. We don’t negotiate with terrorists.