Minneapolis rioter tells his story! MUST WATCH

Matthew in Burnsville, MN describes his participation in the Minneapolis riots.

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. People have been saying for years it's going to be the Ancient Greece style city States versus the rural people.
    Soros has been putting millions of dollars into electing City prosecutors who won't prosecute.
    The mob will control the city's through fear like early stage escape from New York.
    If the democrats take both houses and the presidency we are all finished.
    They will allow unlimited immigration and Democrat rule until the Civil War.
    I hope even you crazy progressive's see the danger in this.

  2. And here we find the nexus of America’s problems:

    A young, coiffed, spoiled-rotten, White, “Gen-Z” male, sipping a Starbucks Frappuccino while giving an account to the cold glass eye of a journalist’s live camera; the destruction of private property and businesses he witnessed — with the level of giddy engagement expected of someone reporting on a action movie scene or a video game.

    These “basement dwellers” and “keyboard captains” — having life itself handed to them on a silver platter — produce nothing, yet consume everything:

    And now you know why America’s best days are behind her.

  3. OMG this is the segment of events at 3rd Precinct missed by Unicorn Riot that night cuz they'd gone up over by CUB for a bit.
    I want to know who recorded events that led up to the MPD abandonment of the bldg…to the moment they all left.
    Proud of you all MPLS!!! (I'm from that neighborhood.)

  4. FYI: there were LIVE reports that night of BAD ACTORS/AGENTS PROVOCATEURS incl those trying to invite others to act likewise (as to diversify the pool of culprits) who otherwise wouldn't have even thought of any such involvements. These folks reported they refused and got away from them asap, and STILL were followed around by these guys – super creeped out.
    I don't believe any core anarchist types would behave in such a manner, in my experience, anarchist myself, in that neighborhood, for years. We only defensively protected people from the neo-nazi skinheads out to fuck people up.

  5. The part that shocks me right off the bat is his total lack of profanity. It seems impossible that someone his age and status (?) would describe events like these without a single profane word.

  6. This is what happens to a city run by a sissy Democrat mayor, Jacob Frey. The arsonist-anarchists are basement-dwelling Mommy's boys who destroyed the last grocery stores in these neighborhoods. This is what America will look like if these leftist pukes take charge.