Minneapolis To Lay Off White Teachers Before Minority Teachers

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  1. They're laughing at the idea that teachers can be racist? Hard to take this seriously. Just pandering to right wing politics. The correct thing would be to call out the layoff as the fundamental basis of pititng people against each other. I don't fully disagree with Dore on this, but the way that he strawmans the argument that teachers can be racist toward student seems disingenuous

  2. So they say they only way to properly teach children is to have the same color skin as the teacher? Does this mean that they’ll segregate they classroom or are some kids just out of luck?

  3. the woke left: this is justified because students want teachers of the same race.

    white nationalists: we prefer to be around people of the same race.

  4. Minneapolis teachers: "…66 percent white, 17.9 percent Black, and 6.4 percent Hispanic "[sic] ( BTW Notice how minorities are capitalized but whites are not)
    US; 75.9% White, 13.6 percent Black, 18.9 percent Hispanic acc. to us census. The US census counts all Hispanics from any race including black and white, hence the sum doesn;t add up to 100 percent; some are counted multiple times in different groups. Whites w/o Hispanics are 59.3 percent acc to census.
    Makes you wonder how Minneapolis classifies acc. to race. Did they shift white Hispanics into the White category in which case you should compare 66% to 75.9% which means White under-representation and Black over-representation. If White Hispanics were classified as Hispanics, Whites are over-represented but so are Blacks.

  5. No, we don't have the money, but we can create it out of thin air and spend it unwisely. Throwing money at any problem isn't the answer. Our descendants will be the ones who pay.

  6. I think America spends more money per student than any society on earth but we're not even in the top 30 for student outcomes. funding isn't the problem. teachers union is the problem. the world isn't black and white. sometimes unions are great sometimes they're terrible.

  7. The elephant in the room, which no one is talking about, is the REASON why enrollment in big city schools has plummeted: Mandates and woke BS. LAUSD's enrollment is now HALF of what it used to be because of this!!! Parents took their children out of these indoctrination camps and either home schooled them or put them into private schools. THAT is why their enrollment is down and why they are laying off teachers – with their woke and destructive 'solutions'.

  8. I went to Catholic school for grade school, high school and college. Never saw a male at the front of the classroom until high school. The majority of my teachers up until that point were either middle-aged white ladies or wrinkled old nuns.

  9. I knew a bunch of mountain biker teachers that love the pandemic they were going to the beach surfing and having fun and drinking wine and go on vacation they can give a fuck about the kids and I would say at least 60 to 70% don’t give a shit about the kids

  10. out of ALL the psychological warfare, what I hate the most….race warring.
    like a recent NPR 'story'…'White people feared COVID less after learning other races were hit hardest, data show'

  11. Can the Minnesota Viking start laying off black players because the represent a disproportionate amount of the players? After all, aren’t the Vikings and most of the settlers of Minnesota from Northern European countries?

  12. Jimmy, is it a problem that whites are under represented in professional basketball and football?

    You don’t understand how flawed your argument is. So your alternative is just to hire blacks, Hispanics, etc. and act like that is somehow better……

    It’s not dumbass. Hire those that have the experience, performance record of sound teaching, etc. Don’t hire woke ass teachers who have nothing but a political agenda to push.

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