Misaligned incentives are rewarding poor testing rather than high quality testing (from LS #130)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #130 (originally streamed live on June 11, 2022):

Mice, telomeres, senescence and cancer, all in one place (Weinstein and Ciszek 2002):

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  1. If the PCR test has to amplify the alleged virus particles 25x, 35x or 45x in order to be detected, how can there be enough viral material in the person's nose or mouth to infect someone else?

  2. Totally agree with all of your excellent, incisive and insightful thinking except, it's not the "government" that pays for the purchase of these tests, it's taxpayers money or Gov't borrowed money that the public will have to repay. A million thanks for all of your work and productions.

  3. Testing for what? Something not even properly identified, in one of it's many contrived "variants"? The whole thing is a scam, the so called virus, the so called testing. The only thing being tested is people's gullibility and willingness to be servile.

  4. So Pharma capitalizes on test subjects that evolutionarily adapt to experimentation to compromise the null-hypothesis for favorable p-values; a.k.a. fixing the deck?

  5. So I’ve had covid for the last 50+ years based on my losing my senses of taste and smell every time I’ve had a cold, flu or sinus infection? I CALL BULLSHIT!!

  6. Free government money is a helluva drug for the sociopathic money ADDICTS. Know how it works so we can EXPOSE what is behind the curtain of lies of the greedy sociopaths. They EMBEZZLE government money via the massive scam of "privatization". Vax co's & digital ID systems to control & subjugate us are "privatized" (as are quarantine camps). The scheme was to get TRILLIONS from many govts FOREVER while arranging to squash us so we could never rise up to stop them. (They tried many pandemics previously to enrich themselves with govt money, this was the most coordinated one – and the most coercion used.)

    Basically, the US has built a global corruption network, taking over countries (and their media) to EMBEZZLE from their governments. Taking over the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand in the 70s and embezzling by taking over the many dozens of government services, support systems, assets and resources they had is what gave rise to the billionaire class in the 80s! Here is how they can do the massive embezzling:

    They know that government can issue ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY for anything that is physically possible; the corrupt have used that knowledge to scam the public and embezzle govt money. They take over government services, conning the public about "saving money" and being "more efficient", but those are lies. The costs actually become higher because the corrupt liars overbill the govt for everything, billing ANY AMOUNT, providing massive exec salaries and insanely high profits. And they give us REDUCED services, because their sociopathic greed and money addiction means they take more for themselves and do not supply what they are SUPPOSED to supply for us. That is the bare bones explanation.

  7. Reminds of Dr. Debra Davis' 2007 book 'The Secret History of the War on Cancer' & the business/racket of breast cancer testing. Money has corrupted medicine.

  8. With regard to markets, keep in mind that market incentives apply best when buyers choose. When the transaction is mandated by a third party — public or private — the effect of consumer choice on the process is short-circuited.

  9. It’s June, almost July, of 2022. Basically everyone I know has gotten COVID at least 1x. Thousands of people including throughout my company where we have 11000 employees. Zero deaths, zero hospitalizations, zero anything. It was all a scam

  10. Kari Mullis Had to DIE ! The Nobel Prize Inventor of the PCR Test,,, Repeatedly Stated,,, "the PCR Test CANNOT DETECT VIRUS" ! Unfortunately,,, Kari Mullis, DIED Unexpectedly, of a Sudden Heart Attack, August, 2019. Just before the Planned-Demic Started…

  11. CDC wants more infections that’s why not testing requirements for outsiders coming into USA . That way numbers go up and push vaccines more. Profits are in the vaccines

  12. The first half of this conversation is not remotely based academically rigorous science.
    -You know you had covid, even though you never tested positive, because you lost your sense of smell? Yay, science.
    -There can be no serious discussion on the covid test without establishing what exactly is the test looking for???? At one point, inanimate objects were testing positive. At one point, the test could not distinguish between covid and influenza. So what is the test programmed to find precisely? We can't move on until this is answered. Yay, science!

  13. I also knew I had Covid but hasn’t tested positive. A Quest Diagnosis antibody test that I just scheduled for myself showed no antibodies, but when my doctor sent me to Lab Corp for the test he prescribed I did have antibodies.

  14. As everything Politics/Government/PSYOP, the power of testing to control public policy and the ongoing profit windfall from the "Free"(Taxpayer Funded) tests, all the aspects of this clever latest false-flag Plandemic has proven easier to impliment on the Western Sheeple than the war-on-drugs or the war-on-terrorism…. Significant less "overhead' and much larger profits have made the new "War-on-the-FLU" a much better long-con for profit and control… Compliance among the younger Boomers and gen Xers is high and the new soft "Victimhood" Gen Y/Z/Alphas are easy-pickins' for the old money billionaires and the new-money Technofascists to lead into the coming new grifts….The CLOWN SHOW rolls-on……

  15. The whole covid thing is a scam. The largest most successful scam in human history. They manufactured it from the start. Made it in a lab, released it, 'by accident'. Then with a controlled demolition of the U.S. they got the largest transfer of wealth in human history out of it.

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