Misogyny To Become A Hate Crime In Scotland


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  1. The Guardian wrote in 2019 about how hiring women is becoming an issue due to MeToo.
    Both men and women were less likely to hire women, especially attractive women. Nearly 1/3 of men at the workplace were avoiding women. Of course The Guardian said that men are just angry that they can´t get away with abusing women any longer so now they are avoiding them as punishment 😀

    i can only imagine how bad this will get in the near future.

  2. The main problem with all of this especially here in Scotland is that all you have to do is claim that you have mental health issues. In my place of work which deals with the public we are told that if someone says they have mental health issues then you have to believe them and not interfere with them. So it will be interesting if someone starts shouting at a woman and then that guy claims to have mental health issues, who is in the right? Protect the woman from the shouting man or let him off because “MuH mEnTaL hEaLtH”.

  3. See, they give special treatment to one group of people, to make everyone else hate them. Like the whole, "black" people getting special treatment over everyone else, with all the commercials now featuring a "black" (African/Hebrew) man and a "white" (European/Hewbrew) woman.

  4. I wonder what Scotland classifies as a woman then? In England the government finds it too difficult to decide whether or not a woman has a cervix for example. So will this so-called "law" end up protecting transvestites then (since a lot of these activists seem to be men in dresses only)?

  5. Does that mean the mighty Nichola Sturgeon can finally get into power? The whole WORLD knows fine well that the only reason she can't run Scotland is cos "misogyny" Know what will happen? Nothing cos the tv will never tell people how ot think or what to do, buckle up boys we in this BS for the long haul and we have no choice because of exactly this. And those of us who speak up with relevant information will be hated on as we always do, silently judged behidn our backs while the judges do nothing but watch it all crumble. Of course every1 elses fault as always.

  6. First off nobody's born to hate but raised or events have led them to hate….
    secondly like then make it equal make misandry illegal because whole point feminism is about equality and why let one thing be legal and the other illegal ??

  7. you know what this is, you live in the same country i do, this is Scotland wanting its own laws, the UK laws, EU laws, the European court of human rights , geneva convention, none of this is good enough, if some Jacobite cant put Scotland in front of the law. if they want to make a real change, somebody tell that Mikey mouse club to get rid of the not proven verdict.

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