Missile Strike on Ukraine, Ukraine Launches Soviet Drones at Russia Bases; Moscow Retaliates Oil Cap

Russia Big Missile Strike on Ukraine, Ukraine Launches Soviet Era Drones at Russian Bases; Moscow Retaliates Oil Price Cap
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  1. Remember that the Pentagon itself was badly damaged and many killed when an unarmed civilian jet hit it on 9/11!. So America was vulnerable to being hit hundreds of miles into its own territory just like Russia!

  2. Alex. I am an engineer in electronics (believe me or not). Back in university, we could run amazing algorithm on z80 8 bit processors and it would always run instantly. The 7nanometer technology is basically useless, unless you are willing to crypto mine or play video games. Technologies are not exploited at their full potential, far from it. If programmed and apps were well developed we could have performance increase by x1000 fold at the very minimum. Besides, the smaller the technology, the easier it is to jam it (the electrical wave gets smaller therefore more sensitive). Space and military industry use technologies in the micron indeed. And they can run anything they need on these type of technology. And it is not only the russians, it is everyone else. The 7nm technology shortage, may affect Russia's super computer system. But I am very sceptical of that

  3. Seems like Alexander Mercouris has completley missed the whole point and the significance of Ukraine's attacks deep within Russia itself.He minimises it as a vague irresponsible failure,a sign of Ukranian desperation.But of course,it was anything but that,in reality.Kiev sent a message to Moscow and it was recieved.The much vaunted 'world's best air defense systems' also were proved to be somewhat less 'best' than vaunted.The one surprising detail in all this is that Ukraine had not already carried out many more such strikes since the beginning of the war(apart from the repeated strikes at Belgorod).

  4. Russians have Russian Mafia which terrorizes and is a brutal as Putin taking out civilian infrastructure to get them chips but it won't change this wars outcome. 40 trillion economies is supporting Ukraine vs a 2 trillion economy. Ukrainians are serious warriors defending thier country vs Russians who just want to go home.

  5. Can't say I'm totally on board with the Russian Federation's explanation ie that they shot these drones down. It could be that the released footage is from other incidents, but what I saw looked like explosions from 'missiles' that hit, not ones that were shot down.

  6. I guess that the Bear launched recent missiles on purpose, knowing that the date of assembling would be scrutinized by "brutish stupididy" or amerikansky equivalent(which, in early April, decided that the Bear was out of missiles…)

  7. It's amazing how nonchalantly people are viewing these strikes deep inside Russia. Attacking Belgorod, Sevastopol, and the bridge was one thing. But going deep inside Russia to strike strategic airfields — one just outside Moscow — is a whole new ballgame. All along the West has refused to give longer-range weapons to Ukraine, but now the West has either given them or has approved the use of them. Up until now Russia could assume Russia itself was safe from attacks by the West. Now it can't, and the question becomes how far will the West push the envelope in this regard? Will the attacks increase? If so, it creates a real problem for Russia in that at some point you'd think they'd have to respond. But how?

  8. So you thought Russia could keep Kherson ? Or Kharkiv ? Advance and slowly take all Donbas ? Your earlier predictions have been so false. You are just so dumb dumb F@ck. You do not understand microchips. I guess your brain has been polluted by Russian microbes.

  9. Information about attacks on Russian nuclear bases is very rare. The Ukraine is busy creating such information by attacking them. Russia had better come up with a strategy to prevent them, otherwise data which are currently just estimates or guesstimates may become certainties in Western war plans and models, boosting their integrity and predictive potential. It may even result in "…only execute when…" scenarios turning into " execute immediately" scenarios, with dire consequences. Whatever happens, a new reason for the West to prolong this conflict may have been found. The probability of direct NATO interference has possibly also been elevated.

  10. The Russian's defensive strategy regarding protecting these airfields seemed pretty casual. On Engels airfield, for example, were stationed all 16 of Russia's TU-160 strategic bombers and almost all turboprop "strategists" Tu-95MS. And from the photos, they all appeared to be lined up in a row next to each other like ducks in a carnival shooting gallery. Is this any way to protect your strategic assets? When you ask yourself why the West launched these attacks, the obvious reason was to do some critical damage. But maybe they were also probing Russia's defensive capabilities with a future all-out attack in mind. Because why should they stop? Especially if it turns out Russia has no direct response.

  11. Nuclear weapons cannot be triggered in any way by a missile hit, or bomb attack.
    A nuclear chain reaction, where energetic neutrons slam into atomic nuclei and release more neutrons will not take place from a mere explosion – no matter how severe.

  12. I’m not surprised Europeans are getting tired of Ukrainians because now they are learning the truth as to Russia not starting this war but rather corrupt western elites and equally corrupt Ukrainian officials.

  13. Had the Engels base been destroyed there is no doubt the entire Russian Federation would've blamed the US and Nato given they appear to be giving all the instructions to elenski to do this after Nuland's visit. Its an understatement to call it a "highly dangerous provocation" omg its much worse than that! It is a direct deeply hostile act of war against all Russia, had it succeeded in Engels, it would've resulted in an annihilation of all its Russian people. US Nato recklessness is beyond playing with fire, they could seal the fate of their own nations by doing this. Urgent peace must prevail right now, not tomorrow, not next week, right now! 🇮🇪✌🏼

  14. @38:00, you spent more than 3 minutes ranting away when you could have simply said the USA gave the green light to the Ukraine’s launching missile attacks against two airfields deep inside Russia. Cut to the chase, dude.

  15. The Russian secret of missile production lies in spurt of refrigerators and fridge being imported from India . Russians lay hands on microchips from these machines . A secret well known to Ursula von den Laden the EU chief. Answer lies in intercepting supply of fridge from India .

  16. In the russian nuclear doctrine such attack on its strategic nuclear bombers or any nuclear fleet or storage it enables them to use nukes and anything in its capability to defend against such attacks
    Ukraine here is playing with fire
    Western apologists and propaganda machines are trying to make ukraine a hero and this was a heroic move but they don't tell their readers about the dangers ofsuvh move
    On another hand i think pentagon knew about this move andevenhelped ukraine implement and manufacture such "missiles" and this was a test for russian AD systems and patience (for inteligence reasons if a possible war broke out between the states) without any consequences on the us neither politically nor military wise

  17. Chancellor Schultz is supporting the influx of Ukrainian refugees into Germany – however, the German populace is becoming less than empathetic and welcoming.

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