Misty Winston on the Persecution of Julian Assange


Misty Winston is a free speech activist and the host of the Misty Winston Show. Misty shares the latest developments in Julian Assange’s case and also takes your patron questions!

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. Great interview. Thank you. The man has been persecuted like no one else in the near history. Any links you can you can provide as a way of helping Julian Assange, I'm sure would be useful.

  2. Hi. Please email/write urgently to Priti Patel in uk – to stop this extradition + free Julian Assange. Thanku. Warm wishes 🌈🌞🕊🙏🏼

  3. Craig Jardula was a guest on this speaker's podcast program.She cited a mistake that Mr. Jardula had made,
    and this speaker ridiculed him for it.And,she went on,and on about it.What she said was really nasty,and unnecessary.
    Again,Craig Jardula was a Guest on her show,and he should not have been treated that way.I follow Mr Jardula,and he continues to be an honest,kind,intelligent person.I do not like him being put down.

  4. The nerve of those politicans and MSM "journalists" that lecture the world about democracy and free press/free speech while REAL JOURNALIST who only ever told truty exposed war
    Crimes and torture is tortured, crushing with mentally and physically to the point of having a stroke and being denied proper medical treatment imrpisoned fir over 12 year potentially fur life and there the ones doing and media complelty silent and or justifying it rare mention, so evil and gaslighting! Breaks my heart! Free this beautiful truthtelling soul! Our MSM is completely brainwashing warmongering propaganda! #FREEASSANGE 🙏❤

  5. Misty, you are clearly Julian’s Biggest Cheerleader in the United States……………Julian will need some support here in the U.S. once he finds himself in court for Espionage.

  6. I think he should be free, but he's being used as an example, so they'll keep him alive as long as they can to scare other journalists.
    Mark Crispin Miller made a good point though. Chomsky, assange, etc… They reported on 'taboo'things on the left but stayed far away from challenging those conspiracies that affect all of us. THEY both played like 911 is not worth investigating. WikiLeaks and Chomsky also never did and never will challenge big pharma or climate change shams.
    Limited hangout operations.

  7. What are you all waiting for? I see 31.4k subscribers on YouTube and not an identical number on Rokfin. Let's get it started folks! It won't happen overnight, and it won't happen unless and until more of us make the move. Cheers!

  8. Merci beaucoup for this. FYI the Swiss are leading the way for Mockingbird Media. They show a couple images from Collateral Murder and then say it was a blunder! I think I've become someone that can help fight propaganda since I've been fighting for Windyday Concept for decades.

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