MIT Has Predicted that Society Will Collapse in 2040

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  1. an entertaining video for one's viewing pleasure, but I don't see the point of re-cycling information that was built on false, insufficient data and premises and model. I'm questioning the validity of the prediction since the model was based on inadequate data and technologies. No, I don't see the world will collapse in 2040, perhaps, US society would. you've seen some aspects of it (life and businesses can't thrive on chaotic, lawlessness) in some major US cities like Oakland, LA, Portland, Philadelphia. I think guns and drugs will destroy this country sooner than 2040.
    if the model is revised and includes few more relevant inputs, model with today technologies and conditions, I bet that prediction of the world being collapsed would be extended further out.

  2. Thanks to the Woke sickness that is pervading into the societies worldwide.

    This is where we must ensure that filth doesn’t invade the minds of our next generations. These invade the minds using the victim card. Don’t believe a woke loser…deal with them before they infect our societies.

  3. Reminds me of burning the candle at both ends. When we do eventually fall/collapse…we are going to fall HARD. With tech advancing as fast as it has, we will have forgotten how to live off of the land entirely by the time it becomes necessary again. We will have lived communally for too long, and forgotten how to live independently (homesteading.)

  4. the road the United States is heading down now is spending spending spending spending will ultimately lead to economic devastation devastation for the world As the US economy fails the world economy fails with it

  5. And there's only one outcome as the world's economies fail you will have to go to war no if ends or butts about it The wolves are at the gates waiting to pounce

  6. The truth is peace will only last for so long and we are long overdue for a World War yes there will be another World War with modern WEAPONS…YIKES

  7. And we have to remember stats are stats That somebody has manipulated To read they want you to read them So let's not believe everything we hear or see

  8. I predict MIT will always be a bunch of nerds who need to stick to math problems and let the real men worry about society! See y'all back in about 40 years to laugh at this video!

  9. Good video, still prefer my "cautionary tales" as science fiction ala Asimov or Orwell rather than science speculation from the likes of think tanks, Gore or Tunberg. More imaginative and less soul throttling.

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