MLB Boycotts Georgia For No Reason, and Now Will Face the Consequences

Not many SJWs watch sports, MLB:


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  1. Sports are shooting themselves in the head. I dont know how people afford to go number one. Tickets, 100 dollar hot dogs. Parking. People are going to stop attending. Its sad. Sports and other things entertainment. Something to enjoy.

  2. Politicians and their followers aren't allowed to serve food and beverages in exchange for votes. Any poll workers are allowed to serve people who need it. The media just repeats whatever activists tell them. I bet most of them aren't intelligent enough to read and understand a law.

  3. I was going to watch this year too. Unfortunate that they are this stupid and not to mention racist. Thinking minorities can’t get and ID is incredibly racist.

  4. Sports isn’t stupid. If it is so is music and any other form of entertainment. People like their genres and that’s how it is

  5. MLB is going the way of the dodo…so Fck them I hope MLB fails and goes back to semi-pro, when they played for the love of the game… I play for 300 million dollars for a 2 year contract……Fck them and the owners and the commissioner of MLB…….

  6. 100% correct. We understand that we ultimately have the power to bring our favorite franchise to the ground and that's the fun part.

  7. I do like some sports, football, cricket, rugby, but I totally agree it's stupid, athletics is the worst, and I don't listen to a word they say, there morons, rich morons.

  8. Meanwhile, r/baseball won't even let anybody talk about this. But yeah, what do you expect from pussy Manfred who thought it was fine for a team to cheat all year and still let them keep the championship… and he didn't have the balls to punish a single player on the team.