Mob Justice In Ukraine?

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  1. The white disc behind the Nazi symbol is from Slavic Paganism and is thousands of years old. Generally, Pagans will be putting their head in their hands because their symbology is co opted once again. People need to realise that Nazis inverted the Swastica, it's the Pagan equivalent of an upside down Christian Cross. Not a good thing.

  2. Anyone interested in getting insight into what's really going on in Ukraine would be wise to check out Graham Phillips here on YouTube. He is an independent British journalist who has been reporting on the ground in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia for years.

  3. This video is pure disinformation. About the video in the beginning you did not bother to verify anything, did not even bother to translate anything, gave no context whatsoever… This is not how you inform people of anything.

  4. You guys earned the warning screen before your videos because of "community has decided".

    As if the people who watch this content are the type to report things to youtube.

    Also, a bunch of girls just cowering and being bopped with a big floppy dildo is just about the funniest and weirdest thing I've seen all week.

  5. What is amazing to me is how people can extrapolate from video like this to conclusions like “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine isn’t something we should oppose.” It isn’t an explicit conclusion, but to entertain a depletion of support for Ukraine’s struggle against Russia as a result of video like this in effect is tacit support for Russia.

  6. I find it bizarre how morally outraged these two are by the absolutely ghastly treatment of these people – being embarrassed and beaten on camera – while the country is being shelled and bombed. I would say one is significantly more morally outrageous than the other.

  7. the US and NATO have left a trail of death destruction torture and bullying and lies across the middle east and most regions across the globe but don't forget Ukrainian death squads the new friends of the US were the tools of hitlers war machine against the gypsies 80 years ago so not so much news more like reality then

  8. Wait until this is all over and the mass graves start appearing, Nato will deny knowledge like it always does and everyone who has donated will see Ukraine and Russia for what they really are animals.

  9. As the nazi's themselves say, they are 8 – 10 percent of the population (at least for those that are organized). Which is not a lot (though still above what i would call "small minority"), but when all of them are angry and more than willing to commit violence, they punch FAR above their weight in terms of numbers… They are also officially part of the Ukrainian Government, so the whitewashing by the MSM is incredible…

  10. That's just normal day for Zapadentsy (West Ukrainians). After all, they were willing collaborators of Third Reich. They tortured and murdered tens of thousands of Jews, Pols, Russians, East Ukrainians. Now they feel like their simmering hate can be unleashed once again with impunity.

  11. If you look at the modern day Ukrainan flag it is a reversal of the original flag of the OUN-M which were a Ukrainan Nationalist political group that were created alongside the OUN-UPA which Stepan Bandera was the leader of. Both groups supported Nazi occupation in 1941 although by 1943 the OUM-M had closer ties with 14th Waffen SS "Galician" Division while distancing themselves from Bandera's OUN-UPA

  12. One must also be wary of " False Flag" operations. Russians could support abuse of ethnic Russians as a reason to support the invasion. Even funding local extremists would be a cheap way to justify the invasion. Invading to " Restore Order" is a very old tactic. This is the divide part of divide and conquer. God help them all

  13. In any society comprising millions of people there will always be a small minority capable and willing to do horrific things. The real difference is whether the majority tolerates it by looking the other way when it happens.

  14. Lotus eaters turn into antifa bed wetters over commonplace East European behaviour. Why didn't you cover this years ago? Oh, that's right. It wasn't fashionable then. 🍅

  15. I really think you are overthinking this, especially the thing with zielonka.
    First – those gypsy ladies? I am legally allowed to be racist like that on the account of being european – but come on, gypsies. 99% sure they were stealing. Which is why yeah, that video is probably from before the war. If it was during the war, they would end up like like all those taped to lanters – and you know… being taped to the lantern for stealing during war is rather a mild punishment.

    And the zielonka is not used because 'muh nazi cleansing' – it is used because it catches your eye, is easy to get, hard to remove, and everyone knows what it means.
    In Russia it was "anti-goverment schmuck", in Ukraine now it means either 'thief' or 'collaborator'.

    It really ain't that deep, fam. And i swear your take here shows how British you guys are. You might be right that we on the continent don't do things like you on your island do and thus don't understand them – but neither do you understand us, especially the slav part of the continent.

  16. What on earth is he saying to the women as he’s hitting them with that thingie..I’m not saying someone couldn’t beat the black off me with it but they’d have to catch me first…

  17. Stars of David on your coat, or green anti sceptic on your face. Seems like the exact same tactic to me. Clearly mark your political opponents and shame them publicly for their perceived inherent flaws. This is how it started in Germany before the second world war. Soon we will see these women be offically banned from stores and public transport.

  18. wow… so brave. Typical liberal behavior.

    Don't compare those fascist fucks to "don't tread on me folk", they're nothing alike. One wants WW3 and one just wants to be left the fk alone.

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