Mob Justice is Good, Actually: a Vaush Treatise on Moral Philosophy

Instead of fighting back against a mob of people trying to kill you, have you considered actually just surrendering to them so they can do with you as they please? Wikipedia scholar Vaush is going to explain the moral case for getting yourself killed by communists.

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  1. I like how he keeps trying to say that defending yourself from a violent mob would justify an “active shooter” continuing to shoot anyone that tried to stop them, somehow implying that an active shooter would just give up killing innocent people because someone tried to stop them.

  2. Pointing a gun at someone is called aggravated assault and this is WHY we have police. They are given special consideration that allows them to point their weapons in situations where a citizen would not be allowed.

  3. my how tedious. LOL The argument is: This is why you don't allow mobs to form and wander about. Once you have a mob, the perceptions of mortal danger abound in all directions.

  4. "Bad experiences with left-wingers?" It's almost like we've been watching them burn communities to the ground, assaulting people, and murdering them in cold blood while claiming they're the good guys!

  5. Vaush has no business commenting on this situation because he is impartial. That is HIS mob and he believes HIS mob has the moral authority to dispense justice as they see fit.

  6. This whole Kenosha shitshow is a pretty good argument for having a well-trained police present and willing to stop violent mobs BEFORE things escalate… because arguing after the fact who was justified in killing whom does not help any of the people whose lives were destroyed.

  7. You’re not justified to defend yourself because some people don’t have any sense and keep running at you, threatening you? Welp that’s too many dead people, I need to risk death as I’ve met the quota. Insane.

  8. Meanwhile Oregon is set ablaze by Antifa.


    What else can I do? Even a Martyr isn't enough to convince these people are that Antifa are evil.

    Now my childhood lies in ashes. The I5 corridor magically just lit up in one night.

  9. "If a mob comes at you with pitchforks, you can defend yourself. But if they are beating you with items and beating you on the ground drawing weapons on you when you previously defended yourself, you should just submit" -Vaush, 2020

  10. Vaush argues from a "greater good" perspective and he doesn't see where this goes in the long run.
    "We should do everything and a bit more to conform to the good of society and if you don't you are morally evil". Yeah Voosh, let's just become a faceless fucking hivemind. There's no racism, no sexism, no ism at all. Just practicality. Quirkless mass of grey with nothing to say, because everyone thinks the same thing. Would be spiffing.

  11. You will only be standing on a mountain of corpses if people keep ATTACKING YOU! DISENGAGE! simple as that, Disengage, which this kid TRIED to do, he ran and ran and ran until he had no other choice. THEY kept charging and charging and charging at him.

  12. The main problem I have with Vaush's argument is the fact that he thinks it is the mobs duty to attack and detain the guy, rather than leaving it to the proper authorities, but then I remember that they are Socialists and Communists and they hate the authorities, then it all makes sense why there is the disconnect between his and Destiny's POV.

  13. Vaush agrees with Destiny if the victim is black. Racist.

    Justify equality. If you draw lines on race at all, it'll create a precedent that will double back on you.

  14. Maybe Vaush is confusing mass shooters with self defense.

    …so in a mass shooting the police would be the justfied mob going after the "murderer." …Soooo Lets defund them? Why not defund BLM & Antifa?

  15. Reading Vaush's chat during this is one of the most hateful and toxic chats I've ever seen. Real revealing about the kind of people that like Vaush.