Mobile Carrier OUTAGE Puts American Infrastructure Weakness On Display

T-Mobile is down for hours on Sunday, raising questions about DDoS attacks or similar planned strategies.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I just got a new phone about 2 weeks ago. I've had issues that seems to put me from 4g to 2g service off and on. It only seems to last for about a minute at a time though.

  2. i think ppl fight so much because they think they are right and they think that they are right because we have all the "answers" at our fingertips propagated for both the left and right.(but also by china and Russia)

  3. Tim, hate to change the subject, but I think it’s worth checking out what’s going on with Chris Delia. The whole Joe Rogan Podcast family is absent right now I think trying to figure stuff out.

  4. Wonder if this has any relationship to the “guess it could be called malicious” cyberattack on Australia’s critical infrastructure.

    Keep in mind, everyone is keeping quiet on the who are why and hesitant to say if it was done by an ally.

    Speculation until further information surfaces, still none yet, could be to do with the Cloud Act.

  5. …or it's someone framing China, OR, it's us. Someone from our side attacking us to prompt us to fix the weak spots in our system, which is what is now going to happen. Because Tim is right, this wasn't a smart attack, it didn't do anything except show us what to fix.

  6. War will not be traditional war. They'll shut down our communications and watch us spoiled americans crumble. They're won't be any invasion. War is already here between our own people.

  7. Big countries dont have wars anymore only small weak because there is no longer nothing to gain by having a war because with big countries it cost more for war then what you would get for winning specialy with nukes because if a country knows they are loosing they will just go out with a bang so the war has no point when it comes to giant countries. I GURANTEE THERE WILL BE NO MORE BIG WARS OF COUNTRY VS COUNTRY BECAUSE THERE IS LETERALLY NOTHING TO GAIN. What are they going to do if they win when we have nothing for them to take because they make all of our stuff so we have nothing to give to them.

  8. China is not yet strong enough to take on everyone they are taking on. Not only that, but they have been surprisingly incompetent in showing shown their hand too soon, and this from the land of Sun Tzu. While we constantly hear about Chinese , Russian, and Iranian cyber attacks, we never hear about those of US, Israel, France, UK, Germany, India, Japan, Sth Korea etc. I very much doubt we have been sitting on our hands. In the news recently we had phone records released in the West of mobile phone use at the Wuhan lab over the critical period. Today I read of intel reports that names an high ranking Chinese general who ordered the recent Himalaya attack. We are also in their system to a greater or lesser degree.

  9. War with China is coming. Both our economies are going downhill quickly, and a militaristic arms race has begun. China’s greatest feature is it makes cheap knockoffs of US tech.