MOC #112 – Bernie’s ‘Our Revolution’ Dies With A Whimper

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  1. Our Revolution rebrands itself to “Our Pragmatism”. DONATE NOW for non-aggressive incremental change (whenever the time is right)!!!
    The anti-revolution establishment pragmatists.

  2. And be aware: The big “THEY” call us “human capital stock”. Mooooo, y’all. Sizzle sizzle. Wake up, people.

    Stop goin to the social media trough to check your tailor made “feed”. You confirm their existing contempt for all of us.

    Stop adhering to the vocab “THEY” have written for us. It only serves to reinforce their already pregnant contempt for what they see as their property.. US! .. their “human capital stock”.

    Real talk, kids.

    Don’t allow your minds to be further colonized. The reality can be overwhelming, but like someone once said, “Once you have an oligarchy, you are left with only 2 choices: Tyranny or Revolution.”

    One love ✊

  3. 25:40 Perhaps Turner has been chosen to win, and throwing Clinton into the "fight" just amps up the melodrama.
    Which may serve to lure even the leftest into the partisan divide-and-conquer trap.
    Turner seems much less "progressive" lately.

  4. Sanders is like that medicine you took to make get better, but because the dosage was designed to be inadequate, the disease became stronger.

  5. We don't live in an era of revolution, but essential and non. Fabian Socialism. Disaster Capitalism in an era of moral relativism is the perfect storm. And America, we failed the first wave when it came to standing up, America more likely to go away with a whimper than Bernie….

  6. Where oh where does a chicken with it's head cut off find the stump it's nailed to? On the right, the truther movement has taken over the sensitivities of the right;. On the Left I find a movement believing it won a revolution that never was. I'm a chicken seeking death chasing after two wolves to end my suffering, but instead fighting over a lamb that never existed.

  7. It just proves Bernie would’ve been a completely ineffectual POTUS. He would’ve had to fight and claw for anything because everyone including MSM, would’ve been against him. He hasn’t a breath of fight in him.

  8. Fuck … When are we likely to get another Bernie Sanders? Sorry to the animals, future generations, and ecosystems that won't survive our apathy.

  9. June 2016 NBC television news stated tat Hillary Clinton had wraped up the 2016 nomination before the California primary and I have not watched the local NBC station or any program on it since then.

    And on Youtube I very seldom watch anything from NBC or MSNBC and I ignore reading articles by NBC.

    In 2020 Joe Biden got the nomination by going Rod Blagojevich with Joe's former BOSS Barack O'Bummer offering Cabinet positons to Democratic candidates that would drop out and endorse Biden.

    Pete Buttigieg ended up being Secretary of Tansportation. Andrew Yang duinrg an interview said he could have a Cabinet post.

    Blagojevich went to prison for what Biden did to become President and O'Bummer did to make Biden President.