Modern China Looks Like WWII Germany, Horrifying Video Shows BAD Things Are Ongoing

Continuing events in China need a focus, and Tim and Adam are ready to give it, inspired by UK presenter, activist, and counter-extremism think-tank founder Maajid Nawaz (on YouTube and Twitter @MaajidNawaz).

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. It's no different then wealth redistribution, BLM , affirmative action, and public miseducation…. governments breed their cattle. All over the world, especially Americans.

  2. It just goes to show that this stupid lie of "never forget" is just a stupid thing to say as anyone who doesn't really give a shit about what actually happened. There is a memorial in Poland in Auschiwtz if im not mistaken, of a giant sort of 'well' with ashes of the people who were burned in the crematorium, and it says in polish "Let our ashes be a warning to you"…

  3. If only the barrier to communicate with Chinese people wasn't so dense, we could organize a simultaneous boycott of most products and support for underground products to support autonomy and reject the authoritarian government from both ends. Definitely disturbing this is being overlooked.

  4. So when China sets up "rehabilitation centers" (YouTube doesn't allow the real term by the way) where they slaughter dozens upon dozens of Uighur Muslims, the mainstream media will ignore it and nobody panics.

    But when a singular covid-positive basketball american high on fentanyl gets knee'd to death by a police officer, everyone loses their minds.

  5. Uighurs, Falun Gong, Christians, LGBT, communities all under attack. Male Uighurs in camps. The women are not, but left defenceless to be raped by Hans, to mix the blood lines. This encouraged by CCP. Organs harvested from Falun Gong are in highest demand due to idea their organs are better due to healthy life style. China has surpassed evil of Nazi Germany and Soviet Union combined .

  6. I found another video or maybe the same one. The original video was shot in 2018 in August.. meaning either this shit has been going on for over 2 years and it’s still going on or this video is just now starting to actually surface which is crazy..

  7. 1.8 million Uyghurs in the Chinese concentration camps. And that's just the Uyghurs. They're also rounding up Christians and white people in general. And they're expanding, not just their commercial interests, but with immigration as well. We MUST have war with China, or in 20 years, WE are next. Eastern Europe is next, after that the rest of the world, until only the Han Chinese are left.

  8. Thankyou for reporting this, almost a year I'm being trying to bring this to people's attention. It's not just Muslims it's anyone who believes in a power higher then the ccp

  9. When I was sent to Iraq my reaction was and still is "this is bullshit". But this here makes me wish I could go back into the army and get sent to China. I didn't have a problem with Iraq but China seriously needs their ass kicked

  10. I am just glad that my grandfather, who was a resistance fighter in ww2 isnt alive anymore to witness this…. LIBERALS/ democrats.. leftists IGNORING concentration camps, the erasure of Tibet or Christian culture in China all becasue they want to keep a lifeline to the chinese economy and the money they can earn.

  11. Show the video to black lives mater let's see them protest over there against real oppression,and the media is sweeping it under the carpet because they know if war starts the Russians will join forces with china

  12. They are no longer communist but national socialist. They have a command market economy, a focus on ethnic supremacy of the Han Chinese, politically extremely nationalistic, racial concentration camps, leader worship, state ownership of media etc. Meanwhile in the west people are being slandered with the word nazi for believing in biological sex, as a nation of 1.4 billion people turns into an ACTUAL Nazi regime bent on global domination.

  13. A worl court legitimately researched/found CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY’s(CCP) guilty of long term torture, forced labor, incarceration & large scale organ harvesting(removal of all organs of live FG) & transplant of Falun Gong(larger scale than UIGHURS) into many westerners(US, ETC) organ sale profits~$200,000/person…NTM profits from state sponsored transplant surgeons & surgeries to foreigners.

  14. Thank you for your propaganda based on no solid evidence, only speculations. Thank you Tim. Thank you for stating your opinions about China about a matter of fact. Thank you. Thank you for propagating the lies peddled by western media. Thank you. Did I say thank you? Thank you again. Actually. No. FK YOU!