Modern Politics Has Been GAMIFIED, People Who Want To Be Famous, Rich, And Influential Now Run

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360 on Twitter) discuss the things that motivate people to run for public office, and it’s no longer a desire to better the world for the normal person who works hard for their family.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. At the risk of sounding like a dick, its because the left is stupid. They quite literally don't understand the reasons to oppose their positions, they just don't get it, it doesn't work for thier brains, so they think everyone who opposes them are evil or racist or fascist. Its extremely frustrating, ignorance and not caring enough to figure things out is the downfall of our country, and living in these liberal hubs doesn't help them they live in a bubble where everyone thinks like them is ignorant like them and is ok running their towns and states into the ground and then they dont understand what happened so aggravating

  2. Its only time before AOC makes a Onlyfans and other websites to embezzle money into her reelection campaign. Just like she was doing with her boyfriend.

  3. Karl Marx's holy grail was to provoke the working class into being politically active. The "lumpen proletariat" as he called it, or the proletariat withouth "class consciousness". Or ye olde "i just wanna grill" people.
    This was the far left's whole deal since 1850.
    Seems like they finally got it.
    Social media and "cool" shows about politics like House of Cards and Game of Thrones suddenly made people go from "politics is for old people" to "OMFG VOTE FOR MY GUY OR WE'LL ALL FUCKING DIE AAAAHHHH".
    These people literally treat it like a soap opera. No wonder politicians are celebrities now.

    Is it good? Is it bad? I don't know. Keep in mind social media is a recent thing and there never was anything like it ever. Well, maybe the public preachers of old. But they never could reach so many people at once.

  4. The new Adam sucks. He needs to read about stuff. I don't want to bust him out but lay off the weed. He needs to read a book between puffs. Start with the Naked Communist. Wish the guy the best but if it feels like my kindergartner is talking. Just saying.

  5. Tim is way too dismissive of Ian. It’s almost like he got rid of Adam and brought Ian on because he wanted somebody to pick on and Adam wouldn’t put up with that.

  6. Listening to Tim negate every single thought that Ian has is infuriating. These days as soon as it starts happening, I just stop the video. Dude, you gotta stop, Tim, or at least find a less contrarian way to interact with him

  7. I worked at the same restaurant she did. It was all wannabe actors and models. Some somewhat famous people worked there too: Maxwell and Selma Blair. You had to be beyond good looking to work there, the hostesses had to seat less attractive people in the back, and the owners padded our paychecks with tips we did not earn to save on their own tax bill. It was an evil place.

  8. It is so painfully obvious that none of you have a realistic view of the larger world around you. The number of people who Tim is hyperventilating about is very small. There will be no societal breakdown. Just because people vote for Biden, does not mean they are looking to scrap the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. After the election there will probably be some dust ups but they will be squashed very quickly because the threat of losing the election will be gone. Antifa and BLM feel like they can freak the country out because they suffer NO consequences and have a false feeling of support. Their support will be GONE after November 3rd and they will be conspicuous and it will be apparent how outnumbered they are. They will not be tolerated in the same way that they are currently and they will be shut down.

    Stop the gloom and doom about what America will look like post election. We are not living in a simulation (Ian) and the people outside of your little fear bubble are intelligent, resourceful, loving and generous. That same group of people are also some of the baddest motherfuckers in the valley who know how to deescalate or be brutal and decisive. Your soy boy rants are probably scaring more people than you are helping. Find a way to be positive and constructive and above all: BREATHE THROUGH YOUR NOSE.

  9. I think it'd be AWESOME if even for a single day, ALL of the world's TRUMP SUPPORTERS deactivate their accounts to boycott Facebook & Twitter AFTER the election!!!