Moderna Can’t Explain Why Covid Contains Their Patented Gene Sequence


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  1. Yeah this whole virus was man made and the Ukraine war with Russia is trying to take our attention away from covid they gotta get it to disappear and they hope we forget but we had family and friends die many of them and we will never forget

  2. Just a little fun fact; I've been trying to scroll through the names on the world economic forums young global leaders site, and Maria bartiromo's name in face popped up in that list of people. You literally can't trust any of these people. It's controlled opposition, and we already know the elites are all up to something.
    My suggestion to everyone is to go to WEFs Young Global Leaders website, pick the content of North America, and scroll through the pages and pages of names to see who's on there. You can also type in a name to see if it's on there. We need to know who these people are, and call them all out. This isn't really a right versus left issue, as the WEF is everywhere, and in all political parties. We need to know our enemies.

  3. Now check the logs from Biden's Delaware strong hold !!!! Wonder what's going on every weekend that Biden goes there ??? Who's been visiting with him there ??

  4. Why do these evil dudes,this modern a CEO have one of those world great reset accents? Sounds like the old bald guy that tells us how happy we’ll be when we own nothing and bending over for these globalist

  5. That's what I was figuring that they'd be pushing for war. I really wonder if Putin is not one of those elitists just as well as Trump. Yeah I don't even trust Trump but maybe that comes from the leftist propaganda some would say but really who can we trust.

  6. Look up a guy named Joel Skousen, many years ago he laid this out almost verbatim. Once the economy is wrecked they would start WW3 to cover their tracks and then come in years later when people would beg to be controlled after all of the hardships they would have endured!¡!

  7. I was subscribed to Steven Crowder this morning until I heard his sidekick saying how he thinks vaccines are good and then Steve did his word magic and basically said the exact same thing. But he says, but everybody should have a choice. Got to have eyes to see and ears to hear these hypocrites. Steve said that before we didn't know that it worked but we just needed more time and now that we know there is science that is in fact backing it, blah blah bad news bears jabby jabby

  8. It's "ok" because I'm smiling while I lie and steal from you. Trust me! Don't hate me. Hate your uninformed neighbors. Attack each other while leaving me to life a live of prosperity.

  9. Me 2 years ago: This smells like a bio attack. I'm a CBRN in the military and this has all earmarks of one.
    Them: * laugh* scoffed* c'mon man
    Them now: are you serious, this was a possibility this was a lab leak and possible bio weapon.
    Me today: sip my morning coffee. "Really"

  10. If you are a US citizen and pay tax on your labor, you will believe anything because you're brain dead. And you pay for the government to do this to you. You deserve each other.

  11. What are the odds that Dr. Fauci and others in Government here in the U.S. were inoculated with the proper vaccine for Covid-19 years ago, before the release by the Chinese. A patented DNA sequence from 3 years ago, found installed into the Covid-19, go figure?

  12. No wonder Fuchi could say Trump would face a Pandemic when Trump became President , Fuchi was in on making this Pandemic happen.
    It was so they could start the NEW RESET …

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