Moderna Files EUA for Kids Covid Vax under 6 | Will the FDA bite?

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. COVID-19 news is a never ending surprise of information.

    Breaking News: employees of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) not vaccinated. 😳

    It’s all starting to make sense why the U.S. Supreme Court blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate.

    Donald Johnson, pseudo name

  2. All of my vaccinated family members have had covid. It almost seems like it’s the vaccinated getting sick. My brother in law just came back from a cruise in la tested positive along with friends. And I know you have to be vaccinated to go. My question is are the vaccinated more prone to getting covid because I am watching everyone around me who has been vaccinated get covid some for a second time.

  3. Your point about stories vs data is spot on. Data sets do not a narrative make, no matter how comprehensive and thorough the analysis might be. One must make a choice in whether to permit the data to speak in it's rather dull and tedious way, or to get onboard a thrilling narrative roller coaster ride.

  4. Something is wrong when people are being medicated against a disease they do not suffer (ie. That they may have but poses no risk to them, like covid 19 to healthy children)

  5. Sorry, but where's the "emergency"?
    The only real emergency I've seen during this covid insanity is the massive political and medical overreach and unethical lunacy being perpetrated against the people by all these filthy criminals.
    Vinay's word for all this is "problematic"…my word for it is "criminal".

  6. Before asking about risk reduction we should ask what are the baseline risks for kids that young to be severely sick from covid. Correct me if I am wrong, it seems that the risk of healthy kids that young to get seriously sick from covid is virtually 0. Even a 90% risk reduction for a virtually 0 risk is still virtually 0, so what is the actual benefit of the vaccine?

    In real life we care about the absolute risks, not the relative risks or the relative risk reduction. Suppose someone wants to sell you a helmet that would reduce your chance of being struck by lightning by 90% but will cost $100 and the helmet breaks every 3 months and you will have to pay another $100 to get a new one. Assuming the guy tells the truth about the helmet based on randomized controlled trials, will you sign on to the deal? I won't even if it costs $10.

  7. It's not 80% of people who want more data. At this stage, I'd say at least 25% of people will never touch these vaccines again, period. And for vaccinating their children, that percentage is probably a lot higher.

  8. If the pandemic has now passed, therefore rendering no emergency…how would one therefore receive emergency use authorisation….for a drug that doesn't work and for a group that doesn't need it? Asking for a friend.

  9. Seems to be a pretty big statistical game we play with drug adoption policy. So emergency youth (use) authorization being sought in April 2022 that's a crime there is no emergency some might argue they was never an emergency in regards to COVID-19 except for the field response plan perhaps by design? " don't go to hospitals" "isolate it out at Home. Next the healthcare system was in invaded the inverse of what the people of trust and safety told everyone stay away from the hospital and stay at home is called for invade the medical system. That's why hospitalization rates have come way down, because statistically everybody for a certain period of time that enter the hospital had Covid if you died from anything and tested positive for Covid you died of Covid. That was the early days we've since modified all these definitions and continue to modify them including the definition for fully vaccinated which well in which demographic is the definition for fully vaccinated and let's face it the CDC ended the pandemic with omicron. Enough Fauci and collins meddling government, with the Bill Gates philanthropist fool , meddled with they don't need to be, meddling this entire thing really more of a scam Demic based on the response curve of government a.k.a. public health officials who fell on their head and became politicized! Now public health has been Weaponized and it needs to end now! End this vaccination panacea today ! (it's all over ) there really is no death threat for "healthy persons!" from SARS Covi 2, unless you open yourself up to the powerful suggestion of all of this misinformation yep that's right folks misinformation from the people we seek to guide us through times like this they manipulated that trust and turned it on its head. Double blind Studies is a requirement for a reason because it's at least 50% probable that people are the factor of change not medicine? Follow the money vaccines were developed under the wars act which means you cannot profit!
    Look people all time record profits for the drug makers who are making vaccinations under wartime declarations ! We are in the proclaimed endemic phase .. Truly the entire community of public health have lost their minds ! if they ever had any. "Where is the monster" Its lunacy vaccinating kids against a ghost. That potentially never was? "choose your thoughts wisely !" As they become one's beliefs.

  10. 1. This is no longer a public health emergency so why bother? 2. Why the cintinued use of EUA rather than full approval? 3. Kids are at greater risk from the vaccines than from COVID, especially little ones. 4. I used to trust the FDA. COVID and our response to it have destroyed my trust in them.

  11. Let's just not vaccinate our kids with what is an experimental treatment, which is lacking long term studies on potential side effects. Kids are so low risk that it's a really bad bet (potentially on your kids health).

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