Moderna Stock Price Collapsing!

Moderna’s stock price rose precipitously as the company’s investors benefited from rollout of the company’s COVID vaccine. But now that the future of vaccines is uncertain, Moderna’s stock has been steadily declining, losing $140 billion in value in just a few months.

Jimmy and The Dive host Jackson Hinkle discuss the vaccine manufacturer’s declining fortunes.

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  1. The technical jargon from Wells Fargo – 6 minutes, and 25 seconds in – that's super technical quantum artifice.
    Lay people can't hope to comprehend such complex abstract absurdity.
    So if you haven't read the technical manual: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Golgafrinchans – section on ship B, and the creation of currency controls ….well, then you aren't prepared to deal with this topic of "quantification ridicialus" – 😁

  2. Crash the economy. Start WW3 with false flags and war drum beating by the media. Gates saying way ahead of covid that Vaccines will be a solid investment in the future. Then the MSM and Dem establishment buy into McCarthyism for 6 years. This shit feels planned. Elites plan and operate decades in advance.

  3. Citizens that reside in a free country should be afforded the ways and means to live and die a natural existence and not be imposed by the wheel of corporate and capitalist gains begotten by greed and unscrupulous behavior
    They should not be forced forced to become the cogs of a machine that does not represent them nor even acknowledge their existence

  4. please bring in The Maverick of Wall Street. he'll explain all these wall st, terms for your audience, he's funny and anti-corruption. he'd be a good guest for this type of coverage.

  5. Man I was with you until you started talking about Cuba in a hood light. I know personally many people who escaped there and watched as there fellows where attacked and killed for trying to do so. You are right on many things but the pro communist propoganda needs to stop

  6. Cuba’ healthcare one of the best in the world? Lol. You don’t know Cuba. It’s a living hell. It’s great if you bring American dollars. Regular Cubans don’t get sh!t.

  7. Like him or not, watch Michael Moore's Sicko documentary, he took people to Cuba from New York after 911 bombing, ground zero firefighters police ect. Cuba took in these people treated them, no questions asked.

  8. How many Politicians have now bought in short? How much insider traiding is going on? We all know Politicians should be blocked from traiding and stock watched until they leave office from the officals that monitor wall street. Politician's should never profit from.being in office or insider traiding.
    That is worse than political contributions. Because this whole epidemic was a world wide political coverup, the most evil injustice perpetrated against man, those involved at the top. Gates, Fauchi and others must all be arrested for crimes against humanity. They cannot be allowed to slide. They must answer for Crimes Against Humanity. They know what they were doing and lied about it. Now millions are dead.

  9. Come on Jimmy… just have a conversation with Alex… we all have a huge common enemy and if we don't unify, we are all going to be literally destroyed for what we all oppose. You both have common guests. Just if it is to support free speech and call out medical tyranny. It would be nice to unify listeners to enlarge the resistance.

  10. If someone had nefarious plans they could almost plan a virus with CRISPR-9 technology and then create a vaccine to make 100 billion? I’m glad that we don’t live in such a compromised world were dollar is king and medical advisors are corrupt.

  11. 🤣🤣🤣😂sure hope people will now start asking for and reading the insert for any vacs before they get their kids or themselves injected.
    Just saying. Tho’ I’ve heard they’re thinking to be sanitizing them

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