Moderna SUES Pfizer Over Vax Tech Despite BILLIONS In Profit | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar cover the lawsuit filed by Moderna against big pharma competitor Pfizer over covid vaccine technology despite making billions in profits from the vax sales

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  1. Lol the same people in the comment section bitching about big pharma corruption are the same ones bitching about any form of government regulation to reign in these companies.

  2. 5:07 Typically I agreed with Krystal but she missed a critical detail here; Moderna said they weren't going to enforce the patents against those in developing countries, they said nothing about rival companies like Pfizer; so her criticism doesn't hold any weight here. And lets be honest, most would agree that Pfizer should be taken down a couple of notches.

  3. Whoa, you mean this was totally about money and not about your health? No way! Glad I never let anyone inject me with that trash.

    And Krystal says this makes her want to go full communist? Seriously? You're seeing communism firsthand. Not your silly childish "real communism", but actual communism, where the peasants starve and the party leaders live in palaces. This is already communism, you air-headed buffoon.

  4. Wait, I thought the vaccine that Pfizer distributed in the U.S. was developed by the German company BioNTech (without any U.S. funding). Or do I remember that wrong?

  5. Modena wants some of that $100B in profits. Two greedy sharks fighting for 99.9% of the pie!

    So where are the GOP/Libertarians call them out for not being a "free market". Bunch of hypocrites!!!

  6. Isn't it obvious by now that not being vaccinated is actually better? Out of everyone around me, it's SUPER clear the vaccinated get actually more sick and the ones without a vaccine shrug it off with a few days of a runny nose.

  7. If only these guys had asked more pertinent questions and showed some discernment through the pandemic rather than waiting till now!! I couldn't even watch Krystal talk about the vaccines before 🙄

  8. When listing all the benefits the government gave to the pharma companies, you forgot the immunity to being sued for damages caused by the vaccines. That's going to be a goldmine in the long run.

  9. This is moronic. Nothing Saagar said obviates their main issue. It’s the principle, and it’s the law. It has nothing to do with how much they’ve already made. And Saagar, I’d invite you to double check what you said about the development of the mRNA research. They were working on it well before the pandemic, and it wasn’t primarily government money that made it possible. Sometimes, you guys are too casual with the facts.

  10. "This makes me want to go full communist"

    Why Krystal can't be taken seriously. Like communism has ever produced anything remotely better. You can hate the corruption in our corporatism, but you A) don't get to call it capitalism and B) don't get to pretend communism is an option.

  11. What is being missed, is that the US Taxpayers are the ones who are going to pay for the lawsuit. The Immunity allows for the Government to be held responsible for both parties. If given the 10x damages, the taxpayers could be looking at 250 Billion Dollars for the lawsuit.

  12. if you love communism so much, then please leave and go to Russia and let the rest of us rebuild our once proud nation after the years of so called "progress" from the insane far left….and feel free to take the far right nut-jobs with you as well. cheers!

  13. Any public researcher could've filed a patent on what theyre doing….tons of innovation happens in industry after academia stops (aka new patentable ideas never done before)…patents are not based on who funded it- not how patent law works

  14. They waited til after the pandemic to sue allowing for maximal vaccine production and distribution. Moderna is the little guy here, before the pandemic they had a questionable future and even after pandemic they don't have a solid future yet

  15. These compies suck and shouldn't have patents for vaccines that only exist because of our money, however saying the vaccines aren't as effective as we expected or saved many lives is just disingenuious. If you know anything about vaccines and how fighting diease works, then you know the point of vaccines isn't to prevent sickness. It's to reduce the dieases effectiveness to infect the body and reproduce, and improve the strength and speed of the immune systems reponce. Through which, depending on the diease and necessary levels of vaccination, you could erradicate it, as happened with polio and small pox. But to erradicate a diease you require a world wide responce to assault the diease, relentlessly vaccinating everywhere. Since clearly that didn't happen and likely isn't going too, our focus isn't to erradicate it using vaccines, but to reduce severe illness, hospitalization, and death, which, for the original two variants, it did by 90% as shown by multi studies, but most prodominently by the french study of "Impact of vaccination on the risk of severe forms of Covid-19" in EPI-PHARE with 22.6 million people participating. So yes, they where as effective as we expected and did save millions of lives. To suggest otherwise is both ignorant and misinformation.

    This isn't to defend the new mRNA technology specifically, as it does have issues and has hurt some people, but to defend vaccination in general and the practice of mass vaccination. The vaccines work.

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