Moderna to make mRNA vaccines in Melbourne

International vaccine giant Moderna has formally signed a deal to create mRNA vaccines in the heart of Melbourne’s Monash University.


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  1. The fact that Wirecard Australian subsidiary is located in Melbourne

    gives one a good indication that the Andrews government laundered not only Chinese money.

  2. Same gimmick in Quebec they will produce 100 millions doses lol 2 commonwealth countries and just like Schwab said: “Canada and Australia will be the first countries to accept the agenda”

  3. Here is the chance for all workers and unions to stand up who were mandated,threatened and shot at ,so you can get VAXXED with the experimental vaccine.If you want to make the government listen to you,show them by blacklisting the site.

  4. More wasted money for a vaccine no one wants just like their quarantine centres what a waste of Victorians money with what is going on in the country there are more things to worry about then trying to stick needles in people that are only for emergency use only

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