Moldova gov collapse. Myths and facts about Russian economy

Moldova gov collapse. Myths and facts about Russian economy
The Duran: Episode 1506



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  1. NATO has been agitating for trouble in Moldova for months (if not longer). It seems to have suddenly revived this week, perhaps because the IMF and US are anxious about losing access to Odessa to export the produce of Ukrainian industries and mineral resources that they now own.

  2. As Moscow seems to be thriving with no sign of shortages in super makets, and no high inflation where the price of a packet of butter reaches 3.50 pounds in Britain. the West should start to look at its self in the mirror, and see the decline that it is in after being a vassal to the US who benefitted from the proxy war in Ukraine, thinking that it will destroy Russia in max. 3 months, and then the Hyenas of Lockheed Martin, JP Morgan, and other banks together with politicians who have vested interest in Ukraine before the war started, and had supported Biological Weapons Labs. like Hunter Biden and John Kerry step son and others…….

  3. Prophecy by Baba Vanga. Bulgarian mystic and herbalist 1911 – 1996.

    All will fall like ice. Only one will remain intact, the glory of Vladimir. The glory of Russia. Too much is held within one victim. Nobody can stop Russia. Everything will be removed from its way. And will not only be kept, but will also become the lord of the world.

    @giuliodeangelis141 said: This prophecy was made in 1979. She also predicted the attack on the twin towers and that a young talkative man would fascinate everyone and bring his country ukraine to ruin. Look for them. At that time she also predicted alliance between Russia and China, the reunification of russia and ukraine after 2024 and a special union between Russia belarus and bulgaria and other states.

  4. The U.S State Dept. believes that Russia has now lost almost half of their total stock of operational Main Battle Tanks. How many more months of this war will it take before Russia has no operational tanks left? You do the maths.

  5. Official Ukrainian figures for Russian losses in the 24 hour period until Feb. 12th: 900 personnel, 13 tanks, 14 APCs, 17 artillery systems, 2 MRLS, 1 aircraft, 14 vehicles or fuel tanks, 10 UAVs, 1 item of special equipment.

  6. The Duran is adept at explaining the wealth factor that has effectively been an ignored subject by the Western countries, relative to its importance to the across-the-world economical dynamics. Well done, The Duran.

  7. A breath of reality is a breath of fresh air. I wish these guys could do a video hourly. They collect true data and distribute it. This channel represents the most reliable data source I have found so far.

  8. Russian National Debt is $300 Billion. US National Debt is $31 Trillion. I.e. Russian National Debt is just 1% of US National debt. Russian Debt is also fully covered by its gold and natural resources reserves. If Russia is in trouble then the US is a basket case. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  9. The people of the West didn't impose the sanctions and they do not support them. The majority of the people in the West support Russia. The governments of the West are out of step with their voters. Something's gotta give.

  10. Isn't the Russian economy only 1.8 trillion $. But population over 140 million. This is only the start of Russian oil exports being voluntarily cut. You guys should be warning your people. Not telling them everything is great.

  11. GREAT NEWS: Swiss media: Credit Suisse bank freezes $19 billion in Russian assets. By doing so, Credit Suisse alone froze a third of all declared Russian assets in Switzerland, according to SonntagsZeitung newspaper.

  12. Russia 🇷🇺 is always good by selling God properties with a low cost of gaining natural resources.. God never ask anything for Oil, Gas, Coal, Lithium, and Rare Earth Minerals not even for Diamond 🔹 God bless Mother Russia 🇷🇺 ❤️ and President Putin 🇷🇺 ❤️

  13. Moldova exists for the same reason West Virginia exists in the US. In both cases, a border area was removed from its mother country / state by an opposing army. The result has been the same on both sides of the world, two desperately poor entities that never really recovered from the separation.

  14. I hope that the people of Moldova will not allow themselves to be drawn into this madness from the West. Let them be a neutral, sovereign state that cooperates with everyone who wants to cooperate. Live in peace and protect your people from corrupt politicians who only want power for themselves.

  15. They can Never beat Russia EVER …if they could …they the west would have already done it …They try oh how they try !! And it still has NOT happened..and to me it never will …

  16. 1. Oil peak March 7,2022. It is in corrective wave.
    2. Russian surplus account in January 2023. 8 billion dollars. So USD and Euros are more coming then leaving Russian economy.
    3. Deficit is in Russian rubles. Russian state is borrowing in Rubles nor USD or Euros.
    4. Russia is cutting production in March 500 000 barrels per day. and fixing price for Brent -20USD. 60USD per barrel for Ural oil is more than enough for Russian economy to sustain account surplus.
    5. China is opening economy. China oil consumption is 1.5 million barrels under before March 2020.
    6. In 6-8 months world will have deficit 2 million barrels per day.

  17. I find this ironic consider because its coming from the same people that claimed the American Economy was being hurt by the war. People made this assumption by repeating media that they are normally hostile towards & its proof people will parrot any media reports if it can be used as confirmation bias.

  18. Moldova is in a pickle kind of situation.

    They are damned no matter what they do. On one side it’s Eu+Ukraine that encircle it and on the other it’s PRM, Russian-speaking populace and imports+exports to/from Russia.

    History repeats itself as that’s where Moldova was placed throughout it’s history wedged between Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires

  19. This is off topic but there has been quite some articles on active NATO participation in the war from military companies using NATO armies personnel that resigned to participate in war privately to direct target allocation and information about movements of Russian army. Seems we walking into open Russia – NATO war and doing it with increasing speed.

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