Molecular Geneticist Says What We cant Say

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Written by Doc Rich


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  1. I have been saying it for about the past four years or so. There must be a category for trans man, and trans women, aside of man or women, for they don't fit either category once they say they are trans. So a trans woman could say enter a trans woman sport or even a mans sport, but not a women's sport. Make such a rule. Is that simple.

    So for a marker would be a TM for trans male, and a TF for a trans female, just as there is an M for male and an F for female. So those with a TM could be placed in either a women's or man's prison, but a TF can't be put in a women's prison. Just to put an end to this retarded debate all together.

  2. Why do people have issues with term Trans-Man Trans-Woman? Do they not like or accept Trans people for who they are? … Why are they trying to erase their journey? To me, insisting that they are just like every woman, its like they are saying its wrong to be Trans. As for prisons, I think Trans should be separated away, in their own area. Especially in Mens prisons. For their protection.

  3. In Austin TX, in Macys at the Domaine, they have urinals in the women’s restrooms. I will NEVER shop there again! How would you like your little girls, your sisters, your daughters, your mothers or your grandmothers to go in and see men in dresses with their member out exposing themselves to them?!! How about a father, sending his 5 year old into the woman’s restroom not knowing this is happening?! And what’s there to prevent a Peter-file who decides to take advantage of this madness and hang out in the women’s restroom pleasuring himself and possibly attacking?! This is an attack on women and dangerous!

  4. A little common sense backed up with hard science goes a long way. To all those people that point the finger and say hater I say this when you hate someone or a group of someone's you give them power over you I don't want anyone to have power over me and I will not be part of the herd I think for myself. You can call yourself social justice warriors all you want to but the rest of us know what you really are you're nothing but communists.

  5. XX or XY , I call that B I N A R Y meaning only 2 choices !!! It's actually called science, the leftist use it when it suits them, in this case it doesn't help their dellusion, I crushes it like a pistol and mortar. The liberals have finally lost what little bit of logic and reason they claimed to have, this is the bridge too far.

  6. Who is that brave woman? She also made up some good points that I never thought about before. Yes I have heard about the transfemale getting women pregnant in the prison! You are not a woman you are a TRANS WOMAN, the trans means something. Courage to this woman, and JK Rowling and all the women standing up against this insanity.

  7. Brave woman. In times of deceit truth is a revolutionary act as George Orwell said. How true. The current group think is clearly the work of Satan. Baphomet, a figure that is depicted as both man and woman is the demon inhabiting the deranged minds of those that are trying to erase fact and common sense.

  8. I hope the woman is ok. I am worried about her being able to support herself/being canceled. She also isn't a 10…so she won't be hired as a face of any media. So I hope this woman is ok

  9. agree with you.

    genetics, biology, physiology, anatomy, anthropology are sciences that agree with the thinking behind binary gender and sexes being linked. ideology is not a science, which is what the thinking behind this crap is based on.

    what progressive wokies do when someone disagrees with them is to pull out a card to try shame, rather than discuss- which is part of what science is about.

    it’s basically the concept of the emperor’s new clothes brought to life. if you can’t see his clothes you’re an idiot. hopefully as we move forward more people start asking “how long has that mother effer been naked?”

  10. It’s really a test of obedience. If they can get you to believe in that or say you believe then the next step is to get you to agree to something even more outrageous until it leads to murder.

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