Mom of Marine Killed in Kabul Suspended on Instagram/Facebook | You Can’t Rip Joe, Only Die For Him

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Biden meets with families of service members killed in Kabul as U.S. races to exit Afghanistan:
Another Gold Star Mom Blasts Biden: He ‘Rolled’ His ‘F***ing Eyes’ Like He Was ‘Annoyed With Me’:
‘I Hope You Burn in Hell!’ Families of Slain Servicemembers Recall Raw Response to Joe Biden at Dover Ceremony:
Biden’s Meeting with Gold Star Family Blows Up in His Face as Family Members Walk Out on Him:
Mother Of Slain U.S. Marine Unloads On Biden: A ‘Feckless, Dementia-Ridden Piece Of Crap,’ ‘Treasonous’:
Mother of Slain Marine Kareem Nikoui: Facebook Blacklisted My Instagram Account **UPDATE: Account Restored**:
Shana Chappell Facebook posts:

Written by Matt Christiansen

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  1. When a woman shouted at King Louis XIV of France, because her son had died in an accident during the building of his palace at Versailles, he had her roundly whipped. Are there any parallels that we can draw with this situation?

  2. Any family member has the right to say this to the president he is the one who is supposed to be in control of the service men and women not abandoning them to die the pull out could of had less casualties it might not have been 0 but it definitely would have been lessened if only they planned it took a touch longer on making sure everyone is out that is USA and allies in Afghanistan

  3. Why do people still support FB and Insta? If enough people said enough is enough and quit the social media then changes would be made. Watch when someone has had enough of this censorship and goes after those social media ceos with bullets.

  4. FB went back like 6 months and removed a picture I had posted of Jeffrey Dahmer that said "Nobody is going to tell me how many people I can have for Thanksgiving" and said I was "Glorifying dangerous people", but they said a guy posting that Israel should be destroyed was fine.

  5. I just heard all the true news about what all the Democratic lie covered up because we the Republicans got to know that the Government of Democratic are Jacks ass s

  6. When we win back both houses we need to pass the 1st Amendment law. Any company wishing to operate in our Country must respect the Constitution more especially the 1st Amendment. As long as an individual or group doesn't advocate, promulgate illegal activity they will not be banned or given a time out. This would protect Gold Star moms and eliminate terrorist and Communists.

  7. This is all thanks to the repeal of Net Neutrality. No doubt big tech lobbyists and DNC operatives made a BIG push for this and made it look like Ajit Pai, under Trump, did this all on his own.

  8. When you have been as narcissistic your whole life as Joe has been,
    everything is about you, whether it is or not.
    He's the kind of person who witness a terrible crash where people die and he says
    'you won't believe what almost happened to me"
    Oh yeah, and screw the social media companies. They are the digital Devil.

  9. Huh. And here I thought the President wasn't allowed to wear a watch, just so he wouldn't absently check the time and give the appearance of, well, how Biden looks from this.

    Tom Clancy lied to me 😛

  10. Anyone else disgusted that Biden brings up his dead son at every opportunity for political gain? And that he treats it like he was a real soldier or marine that died in battle instead of a politician who died of an illness?

  11. I like that woman! Joe Bidet and the Dems D E S E R V E that! And note that Joe Bidet, his whole administration, and the left in general is so WEAK they can be destroyed by mere words! What a bunch of vaginas! Yet people are Scared of these limp-wristed fascists!

  12. So why are Republicans fine with Trump bashing on Gold Star Families? Or when Fox bashed on Gold Star families who spoke out against the Iraq war when it first kicked off? It happened.

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