Money deposited in the bank is evaporating, China’s financial crisis is approaching…

A growing number of Chinese people now feel that it is getting harder to get cash out of their banks.
The Chinese possess the spirit of not fearing hardship and enduring it. But the current situation is breaking their bottom line. That is, their money in the bank is gone, and it’s not a small amount.
The Chinese banks have taken these measures without informing the public in advance. Many people in China, even if they are slow to notice, are already aware that a debt crisis and a financial crisis is coming.

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  1. The poor Chinese people will continue to suffer as long as the evil Communists are in power. That principle applies to any people living under Communism. Whatever prosperities happens under Communism are all just a temporary illusion to keep people busy and forget about their demise. Why do you think people living under Communism in the past were risking their lives escaping from Communism? Cubans, Vietnamese, East Berliners, Cambodians, Venezuelans, Laotians, North Koreans, Soviet citizens… On the other hand, how many have wanted to risk their lives escaping from free countries? HOW MANY??? An insignificant number. Yet, there are these stupid idiotic Woke Leftists who want to embrace Communism. I hope their dream come true so that they’ll realize how asinine and imbecile they were.

  2. That is the reason you must have a few accounts in different banks. Don't put all your eggs in on basket. In fact now is the time to draw all your money and keep yourself in cash even it is without interest. Bank is not reliable with the current world economy.

  3. This looks like a classic "exit scam". It happens all the time on the dark web, but for it to happen in a public bank? This is crazy. I feel so sorry for the people who lost basically everything.

  4. China's economic 'miracle' is primarily based on FDIs and leverage. Strictly speaking, she remains a largely low skilled manufacturing base. Just use your common sense, how can such a large country be so prosperous just based on a few techno companies??? Its impossible. And being so large also means extremely thin margins for suppliers that benefits the very few. Banks are collapsing because the leverage has been pulled back and that had exacerbated the growing bad debts and loans, property prices have collapsed and therefore collaterals have dived. Making these banks EMPTY SHELLS. In such a scenario its not surprising to see Chinese bankers making a run for it after siphoning off cash for themselves. But despite this, relatively speaking, China is in a better position than America to recover from this economic doldrums, although I foresee that many in China will become very poor. Just not as poor as the average American who will be sleeping on streets and selling themselves for a dime.

  5. Most banks won't let you withdraw your account into Cash, it's dangerous (puts you at risk of being robbed) and used for laundering. If you don't like the bank transfer the money to another bank it's safe and easy to do.

  6. I live in a third world country but the situation in China is beyond crazy. I can't imagine feeling this helpless! My heart goes out to the Citizens who have been slaves to the CCP.

  7. Hopefully if this is all as bad as this video says it is, than this would be a great thing. China is a nation of evil, and the rest of the world needs to do whatever it takes to stop China from rising and taking over the world. Evil totalitarian regimes should NEVER be number 1 on the world stage.

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