Monica interviews a healthy young lady who got forced into Howard Springs quarantine

Please be aware this was filmed 1 week ago, however, this is now happening to hundreds of HEALTHY people in Northern Territories.

It’s a disgrace and we must keep a close eye on what’s happening. Keep up to date with what’s going on in NT here –

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  1. So in Australia, now you can be imprisoned without trial for 14 days based on a pcr test with a 93% “false positive” error rate – a test product that the CDC are recalling next month due to being faulty.

    We are literally in hell.

  2. This is the next phase of the satanic plan for humanity. Today the aboriginals, but coming soon to a theater near you. People, it is all planned. Make your own plans and prepare to flee big cities.

  3. The Pokie pickup bus is the perfect example of the Convirus industry joke in action.
    A wonder pokies aren't installed in the jail rooms to close the whole loop.

    I’m horrified by what is happening in Australia!
    I try to share as many stories from there as I can to wake up people!!!
    You have our sympathy and best wishes for sanity to return!

  5. I can’t believe this! This is absolutely nucking futs!!! WTF????? Welcome back to 1933 in Nazi Germany! This is crazy! Camps!? Well; if someone refuses and fights back look out! What happened to rights????! Over my dead body I’ll be going to one of these camps!🇦🇺❤️👍🙏😃☝️👌🤔

  6. For sharing a video on NT and the indigenous community on my small channel I just received a 2 week ban from YOUTUBE….that Michael Gunner is a real POS…

  7. I was locked into Howard Springs on my way back from UK. It is exactly as she says – no walking, a tiny room, being yelled at and the roughest nasal PCR tests you could imagine by adf medicos being tough. Luke warm food left on the front porch of 1 metre and the lines she describes all true. No choice of food – they originally billed me $2500 so I guess she’s a winner. It was really hard being locked up – isolated on your own. I agree that she would have been punished for speaking out whilst in their – I was worried all the time until out. 14 days and Idid not have more than 3 meters to walk – when finally allowed to leave you had difficulty walking yet the ADF stood by whilst you struggled and in my case in the rain January downpours to drag your international luggage to the coach exit point hundreds of meters away. All along the pathway big strong masked ADF watched you struggle- I am 61 yrs old. I was so glad to get out and so ashamed of Australia for treating me so terribly. Like a criminal. This is real – wake up. Di

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