Monica interviews Australian ‘Lambassador’ and former Aussie Rules Player Sam Kekovich

It’s great to hear from Australian Celebrities. Although we don’t agree on everything, he is clearly passionate about freedom and rejects medical apartheids and tyrannical Government overreach. He urges people to remember to be KIND to one another in the face of all adversity.

To learn more about Sam Kekovich visit his website.


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  1. Absolutely on point, About our diggers that died for the freedom we have. and its getting thrown out the window.
    people need to read a history book. The masses are hypnotized – especially half the media. Surely they all cant be that evil.

  2. Sam Kekovic is sympathetic towards vaccine mandates for AFL players, denounces protesters that took to the streets during lockdown, claims that 97% of protesters are simply blowing off steam opportunistically, and is extremely misled about vaccine efficacy, the wearing of masks etc. There's nothing of substance behind the big talk. I have no idea why all you impressionable folk are full of nothing but praise for him in the comments.

  3. I remember him in the supermarket in Carnegie years ago. He got angry at a very tired ,overworked checkout chick and made her cry. It was close to Christmas and he was cranky because he had to wait to long. # he never had a shit service job so he got no empathy.

  4. ohh my god, and the cafe scenario…. the proprietor….put you on the spot and asked for your papers, he hurt the patron…. what the fuck is sam trying to spin…the proprietors been in lockdown 200 whatever days coz the freaking gov pricks, and hes trying to say your hurting his business coz of your choice and the gov is the one shutting every one down and forcing passports..

  5. It's sad that Sam has been totally mislead by his so-called Doctor. He like many others will come to realise that their trusted Doctor is not as clever as he/they think and how corrupt and broken the health system is.

  6. Good if you could interview Dr Sam Bailey about covid. And even more the original dr from germany who authoered the book 'virus mania' . that doctor is a personal friend of kary mullis.

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