Monica interviews legendary Basketball superstar Andrew Bogut

Where have the sports stars and celebrities been during the COVID crisis?

They’ve been taking money to peddle the same narrative as the mainstream media and corrupt politicians.

But NOT Andrew Bogut! He’s a legend on the court and in life.

You’ll wanna hear what he has to say.

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  1. Booster after booster until they drop. How much more will it take before they wake up? Wake up Australia 🇦🇺. Push back against the tyranny. All it takes is NO! Well said Andrew, sums up the last 20 months. Sad that the sporting organisations, and clubs caved in so fast.

  2. Elite Athletes, Novaks, Kelly Slaters etc, all have medical teams around them, they know and understand their bodies and yes in some cases more than so called GPs who have had 0 time to do their research and are threatened will sacking if they dont promote the vaccine…

  3. met a man in a remote country town yesterday that DIED soon after the 1st dose, they revived him put a pacemaker in his heart then forced him to take the 2nd dose…he is claiming injury from the govt…he is barely functioning but alive

  4. Good on you Andrew, but others, getting paid very well, coerced or not, new to careers or not, should NOT allow themselves to also be SILENCED.
    They could LEAD the way out of all this bs.
    Imagine if Teams teamed up to speak OUT and stand UP!!
    Shame on all who are in influential positions vut are sitting on their cased up hands so the Mushroomed public can stay mushroomed longer, watching footy on tv.

  5. Bless you. You are such a brave soul. You are kind, truthful, Intelligent with a big heart and fighting spirit. Lean on Jesus and he'll bring you through. Keep standing in your truth.

  6. Was dan andrews indoctrinated at the klaus schwab school in the early 1900s we have a list of some of the international leaders isnt it interesting that they are all saying the same things global reset world economic forum

  7. My father in law was in the underground in Czechoslovakia and escaped to come to Australia. He got a pass to Yugoslavia and went to Romania and lived in a shack on the beach for two years until he got a visa for his wife and daughter (my wife) He said Australia is worse than under the communists. People need to vote out both parties and the greens as both are silent at the federal level and state level if one is bad the other is also silent. The silent ones are sitting thinking they will get elected. No your silence is just as powerful as the tyrant acts of the other.

  8. If the double jabbed can still get it and spread it, why aren't they losing their jobs as well?

    If 80% of the state is apparently double jabbed yet can still get it and spread it, who are we likely to get it from, a jabbed person or an unjabbed person?

    80 is still a bigger number than 20 in 2021 right?
    Or have the government also changed the way mathematics works?

  9. What needs to be realised is..we’re going to lose everything anyway so trying to hang in to a sinking ship isn’t going to save you. Accept that our only choice is to not comply and do it immediately. Saying you have taken your booster for the same reason as the first two shots is weakness and cowardly. Tired of buttering it up for the minions. It’s time they are treated the way they deserve to weak cowards..

  10. They make a good team' that was fantastic.. really thrashed out the wheat from the chaft' one thing that was reinforced for me' was the power of labels ..definitely reaffirming. You label me I label you' the liability, is all on them.. and they will be labelled The Unforgiven.

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