Monkeypox? A Doctor Explains

Here’s what you need to know about the current monkeypox outbreak, including how it spreads, how to diagnose and treat, and whether YOU should worry about this in the first place. Links, podcast, and transcript:

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Written by ZDoggMD


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  2. I had chicken pox as a kid. I think I remember going crazy scratching. Then Shingles at 50. Not much better. Now I have to go through it all over again?

  3. I was vaccinated twice against smallpox – both apparently no take /no scar. I do remember getting a big spot on my left arm but it didn't scar. Years later it is still a mystery to me other than my older brother and sister got the vaccine and had scars and who knows, maybe I got "inoculated" from them in some way /exposed to their vaccine lesion which would have affected my response to vaccine? I guess it is the only time I would ever say I wish I had a scar.

  4. Monkeypox I Kid You Not,
    Back in March 2021, The Nuclear Threat Initiative teamed up with the Munich Security Conference.
    They ran an exercise on global Pandemic preparedness.This included 19 senior leaders and experts from Europe, Asia,
    Africa and the Americas.Combinig decades of combined experience in public health, bio technology,international security
    and philanthropy.
    The exercise scenario portrayed a deadly global pandemic invoving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus,that first emerges
    in the fictional country of Brinia and eventually spreads globally.
    As part of the scenario development process, a virtual consultation with experts was also run by NTI in december 2020.
    Call Interpol weve been had.

  5. just cancel pride month, society at at large shouldn't have to bear the risk particularly when this disease is specially harsh on children for the sake of enabling disease prone lifestyles

  6. It's so funny how being interviewed last year on Policy Exchange, Bill Gates said that the smallpox could be used in nefarious ways like bio terrorism and cause another pandemic. 🤔🤔 you cannot make this up, the same guy that predicted c0vid and also invested massively on BioNtech/Pfizer before c0vid hit.. just coincidences 🤷‍♂️

  7. May God bless Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my Genital Herpes permanently with his natural herbs supplements after suffering from Herpes virus for so many years.

  8. I am 59 , born in 1963 and raised in California. Thought I was fully vaccinated. I have also been a nurse. I don’t have that scar . Does that mean I didn’t get the vaccine ?

  9. The eradication of smallpox is an amazing story. Horrible disease. With respect to the monkey pox – is it more of a danger than a hanta virus? They both appear in rodents, but I recall back in my Navy medic days, hangs virus was still s thing and was quite virulent

  10. We actually have a clear source now: a sex party in Antwerp. And preliminary work seems to show that the genomes of all the known cases are the same. They all came from one source.

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