Monkeypox, emerging data

UK monkeypox data, As of 4 August 2022,

Confirmed cases, 2,768

Highly probable, 91

In England, 2,730

A high proportion of cases in London

Was 75%

Latest, 66%

Monkeypox outbreak: epidemiological overview

2018 to 2021

7 cases of monkeypox in the UK

Rare and Imported Pathogens Laboratory (RIPL)

Some NHS laboratories now testing, orthopox polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test

Monkeypox outbreak: technical briefing 5

5th August

Over the past couple of weeks there has been approximately no change in the daily number of confirmed cases.


Testing is freely available,

it is likely that there is under ascertainment

Atypical symptoms, single or scarce lesions, international reports of subclinical infection

Level 2 is defined as transmission within a defined sub-population, currently gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men (GBMSM) connected by sexual networks.

Data does not suggest a change in case mix (703 out of 2,638)

22 women with confirmed or highly probable monkeypox in England

No robust evidence of sustained transmission outside some sexual networks of GBMSM

Route of transmission

Primary reported route is through close or sexual contact,

monkeypox virus has been detected in air and environmental samples in the hospital room of infected patients.

No confirmed instances of airborne transmission

Limited household transmission has been described in the UK

Small numbers with no known route of acquisition, (due to no sex or other potential exposures during incubation period)

Assessment (confidence): transmitting primarily through close or sexual contact (moderate).

Observed clinical severity

No reported deaths in the UK

Significant morbidity, severe pain, secondary bacterial infection

Virological characterisation

UK genomic data is now available.

Mostly distinct lineage B.1

Has 61 mutations of unknown significance

Two UK cases and some international cases, lineage A.2

No clear-cut evidence of adaptation for improved human transmission.

Assessment (confidence): insufficient data.


GBMSM, 95.3%

History of STI in past year, 53.9%

One or no sexual partners in past 3 months, 13.9%

Ten + sexual partners in past 3 months, 30.4%

Living with HIV, 26%

Cases, 15,926,

from 38 countries, European region

Laboratory confirmed, 15,524

West African clade, 203 (limited sequencing)

Earliest date of symptom, 11 March 2022

Male, 99.1%

HIV-positive, 36%


Presented with a rash (9,126 / 9,626) 94.8%

Systemic symptoms

Such as fever, fatigue, muscle pain, chills, or headache (6,300 / 9, 626) 65%

Hospitalised 399 (5.6%), of which 150 cases required clinical care. Three cases

Admitted to ICU, 3 (1 unrelated)

Two other cases admitted to ICU died of monkeypox

Cases reported in health workers, 41

No occupational exposure

Dear Secretary of State

Without urgent action, we risk monkeypox becoming endemic in the UK.

GBMSM, Messaging must reach communities at high risk of acquiring monkeypox, through targeted messaging on apps, online and in the queer media.

Vaccinating those most at risk of monkeypox must be a priority if we are to stand a chance of preventing the virus from becoming endemic in the UK.

two doses to 125,000 people

asking that the government treat the monkeypox outbreak as a public health emergency

Luckily, we have the tools required to stop this outbreak and prevent further risk to health now.

We ask that you do so urgently.

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Cut the homosexual sex out. Stop being promiscuous. Only have sex if you are married to the opposite sex. And only have sex with your spouse. If you read the Holy Bible and start obeying it maybe the sexual diseases would be a non issue.

  2. Love your coverage. Seems like they couldve stopped it from spreading sooner knowing where it comes from and only being spread in a certain population from a certain activity. Strange.

  3. THEY STOPPED REQUESTING BEHAVIOURAL CHANGING A LONG TIME AGO ! Now they simply say "just get tested for HIV, know your status and get on medication." ABSOLUTE DISGRACE !! It's our fault, we embraced this lifestyle of multiple sexual partners under the guise of tolerance even though it leads to high rates of disease.

  4. Well after the aids disaster pushing it on to gay men when its a disease that effects all people how did that work for you last time when most people in Africa where hetrosexual. After the BS with coronavius misinformation, good luck with that. You call it targeted interesting word.

  5. The term 'men who have sex with men' arose in the late '80s when it was discovered that a significant minority of 'men who have sex with men' do not self identify as either gay or bisexual and therefore ignored health messaging directed to 'gay men' because 'I'm not gay'. Many communities attach a plethora of negative attributes to the term 'gay' far beyond simple sexual attraction. While a mouthful, 'men who have sex with men' allows messaging to better reach its intended target audience.

    The view that the AIDS epidemic happened simply because gay men couldn't keep 'it' in their pants was widespread in the 80s and 90s, and I have a visceral negative reaction when I hear you suggest 'behaviour modification'; even though I agree with you. The history of ignorance and bigotry associated with that messaging means that the words that leave your mouth are not what many MSM will hear.

  6. What an upset it would be for me if this channel ever disappeared! It's my absolute goto place for information on current public health issues. Thanks Dr. Campbell, for everything you have done TO BENEFIT US ALL!

  7. No thanks to governments across the globe for encouraging the whole month of June for a super spreader of animalistic behavior. Thats really something to be Proud of. These people and government leaders do not care that our little children ask questions of why others in the marketplace square are doing things that they do not understand and us parents do not know how to tell our children that there are people who do not know how to behave and do not care how it effects the rest of us. Little innocent children are confused by unnatural behavior and they ask innocent questions. Husbands and wives keep their private sexual activity at home in private where it belongs. There is nothing to be proud of or celebrate in the streets. Sexual activity is a personal thing between the two adults to be kept between the two in private. Society is going to fall apart, already has. We who mind our business and keep our relationship at home dont want to hear about and see others sexual behavior in public. Many decent people are getting sick of such being forced upon us. But, we have no rights or our children it seems.

  8. I have to assume that the MSM part of the GBMSM is included in part to cover prostitution, where sex may not be happening for pleasure, but survival. Given the spread rate of MSM with over 10 partners in a month, it seems likely male prostitution is playing a role and behavioral changes may involve more than just curbing desire and selfishness. Incentivizing that population so they are not loosing their income for changing their behavior may go a long way in meeting containment goals.
    Presumable the MSM part is more important then the GB part because one doesn't get the disease for being gay or bisexual. The celibate and monogamous couples would not be at any risk at all it seems.

  9. The internet says men who have sex with men are actually not attracted to men on an emotional level. They aren’t homosexuals. They just fall under this weirdly grey category of “mostly straight”. Also for a married man it is technically not adultery.

  10. The backside is designed for the elimination of filth and waste from the body. If mankind plays with septic tanks and sewers one should expect to catch something that one will not enjoy. All rampant sexual behavior leads to health issues. Play poker long enough and one will lose the game.

  11. Thanks John for another fine video about Monkey Pox. => There are a couple of points where it seems to me you deviated from following evidence wherever it goes: First, I have no idea what the sexual conduct of the “at risk” population, nor its underlying HIV infection rate. Without this information, the implied conclusions that those with more sexual partners or HIV infections are more involved with Monkey Pox infections can be neither validated nor invalidated. Seeking behavior modification, as you suggested seems right to many, but without proper data – it really isn’t evidence based. Second, you misspoke when you suggested that there is an opportunity to end Monkey Pox. This might be true for the UK, Europe and the US. However, I count as my brothers those living in the endemic African countries. Their suffering from Monkey Pox has nothing to do with the infection and treatment in the non-African countries. Perhaps they will avoid an epidemic coming back, but their existing cases seem to me to be unrelated to all the recent efforts and concern. => Thanks again John.

  12. Should we legally mandate people to stick to 1 sexual partner for the next 1-2 months, or else impose hefty fines or potentially jail time? I mean, people were fined for doing much less during Covid. The hypocrisy is trully outstanding.

  13. Suggest you add $Thank to all your video pages. It goes on your "like dislike share download clip save" bar. A convenient way for us to donate to support what you are doing. When you look into that, as I hope you will, please check to see if it is possible to set any amount. The ones I see and use on YouTube have a few fixed amounts, rather small. If you have costs, perhaps you can set up a nonprofit with goals and purposes, records and achievements. If you are having a global impact, share how to do it, and let people join, contribute and share.

    Suggest you take ALL your transcripts and comments and compile them into a summary of covid and the other issues and processes you describe. Including the motives and behaviors of governments, countries, organizations, industries and populations.

    You cover a lot of ground in detail, but that is not teaching and mentoring. Rather much ends up being "news entertainment". Because a litany of facts, even well reasoned and logical, is not a clear set of guides for observing and making choice in a global society. Your approach is better than nightly news which only gives the litany of woes and blames. They give no answers, no plan, no budgets, no order or process. I am sure you have thought about all these. One person can only do so much. I have a pretty good understanding of that. But if you just lay out problems, and let people choose their own directions and methods, they only can choose from what they know. Literally they are blind to anything they have not seen or heard or thought about. Maybe it means finding people doing good things.

    My main recommendation is add the $Thank. The rest is extra that I would do in your situation. But no one has infinite time or life.

    Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

  14. 61 genetic variations? What are the chances this has been germ warfare set by those that would benefit by launching it in the Gay community just as Borris leave office?

    Close contact with infected towels, even detected in hospital room air— the problem with saying gay all the time is that so many will think they cannot get this painful infection. Not even listen to your presentation or try to learn anything at all about it.

    This is how a pandemic is created.

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