Monkeypox! The Next Thing To Be Terrified Of Is Here!

If you’ve begun letting your guard down when it comes to COVID, not to worry – there’s another epidemic right around the corner and it goes by the name… monkeypox! Even if you’re not crapping your dockers yet, not to worry. Belgium just announced a 21-day quarantine for anyone contracting monkeypox and the fearmongering will likely escalate from there.

Jimmy, The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this ever-looming threat.

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  1. Covid was just another corporate version of 'proof of concept'. Now it's a 'working concept', that's become another incorporated 'capitalist' gang-bang.
    And ironically, the AIDS 'monkey theory' has yet to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it wasn't accidentally cause by tainted Polio vaccines administered by the WHO in Africa in the late 50s. The research only went so far.
    Because if it was ever proven out, the amount of litigation would cause a major [financial] uproar for the 'medical industrial complex'.
    And as we all know – it's ALL about the money.

  2. Is this a ploy to change the voting rules again during the mid-term election? It's too much,we will find our answer when politicans start promoting it.

  3. You’re right Jimmy, it’s not in the air, that’s why they aren’t saying it’s in the air. 😂

    There’s a massive difference between large respiratory droplets and being aerosolized.

  4. TAKE , OUT , ( TIME ) TO , DO , ( YOUR , OWN , ( SERCH ) ON ( THE NET ) !!!! , ON , THIS , ( DEADLY ☠️) !!!! 🥼VIRUS 🦠 🥼( CREATED , IN , A LAB 🥼🧪 🥼) , ( YEARS , AGO ) 🐒🙊🙉.!!!!! …[ 😎WHILE , THE PROPAGANDA , NEWS , TELL , U , DERENT ? 😎💉💉💉💉😎..!!!!! ….[ ALL , CONTROL , BY , THE GOVRT ] 😎!!!! ….

  5. Now things have changed since 2003. Monkeypox came into US in 2003 no one died.. and the people who got it caught it from prairie dogs. however! you should research for yourself

  6. Wow its monkey pox season allready and I only just took my Ukraine decorations down! I noticed no UK politicians died of covid, did any die in the USA? I know pneumonia was on the increase since austerity measures, maybe its more about neglect!

  7. Pfizer already has the vaccine because she spreads the disease. Thanks the world's greatest democracies for Biological Laboratories and 500 years of Biological Warfare!!! Thanks America! Keep officially denying all documents discovered by Russians to the end cause your end is near! 😂🤣

  8. Just the foolish name Monkeypox is enough to make me laugh my a$$ off at them. Klaus, Billy Gates, John Kerry, et al. Yeah, I'm going to believe those disgusting people. What's next? Pathetic a$$hats.

  9. So obviously we were already under a deliberate and unaccountable state sponsored biological attack most likely released by a combination of various corporate and government entities as far as the sudden emergence of covid is concerned but now I'm just pondering just how perfect and coincidental the timing of the monkey pox has been. Could it be that the covid Vaccines were preloaded with the pox or was it yet another convenient " lab leak"??? Ladies and gentlemen we really have to start asking the tough questions and getting to the bottom of this before it's to late. Perhaps armed with the right information, proper evidence and a few decent and willing officials backing the common people maybe we can get the evil network's of criminals that have infiltrated our cabinets to face prosecution?? Probably not gonna happen but atleast it's some wishful thinking.

  10. The guy in charge of WHO is a puppet of corporate America 🇺🇸 who was in the gangster government they placed over 30 years ago through funding a gorilla war , he was an executive memeber of the toppled former Ethiopian government called TPLF 🙄. He actually doesn't work on his responsibilities as a director of WHO all he does is go around the world and lobby for the toppled government that recently commited treason and backed by US 🇺🇸 politicians started a civil war in Northern Ethiopia 🇪🇹! CIA is on a regime change in the horn of Africa yet again so that they still can have someone to do their bidding in the region 🙄!

  11. All I’ve seen in msm is about how it’s not anywhere near as deadly as covid, no where near as contagious, we already have a vaccine for it, it’s isolated cases, and not to freak out about it.

    You guys are desperate for this to be an issue. 😂. Kinda sad at this point.

  12. Yeah, I'm pretty much done shitting my pants over anything. I'll take my chances with whatever they throw at me, just like I do every time I get in my car, fly in a plane or take a bath.

  13. Stop living in fear and understand we are living in the end times described in many biblical scriptures, this monkey pox virus comes from the Covid vaccine it’s all a set up so they can maintain control for T he next world which is the A.I agenda. Let love guide you not fear. Love is the highest frequency and fear is the lowest

  14. Why twist this news? Monkey pox is easily controlled by and it's the way to go. WHO has nothing to do with this quarantine. Monkeypox spread through skin contact. The issue is when media start to twist it.

  15. I was waiting for the day 12 Monkeys the movie became real. And here it is. Only instead of 1997, it’s 2022. Save us Bruce Willis, you’re only hope… Brad, you distract us though you beautiful bastard

  16. No, you are not supposed to be afraid of it. Its not extremely contagious and has a very low terminal rate. Also older people are relatively immune due to already being (actually) immune. We stopped with shots around 77 I think I my country since we believed it was dead.

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