MONKEYPOX: They’re TOO PC To Stop It

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Monkeypox is being marketed as the new public health scare, with the media and governments in full panic mode. But although the vast majority of cases have occurred in gay and bisexual men, for some reason no one seems to be suggesting the obvious way to curb its spread…

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Written by Lauren Chen


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  1. Lauren you might've just opened Pandoras box. The Gay community is going invite you over too now to these "Parties" 🤣. Jk.
    Thank you for clearing that up. Wasn't sure how bad was this exactly. Haven't been keeping up with the news either. How it dies out soon once it immunized a certain population naturally jk… get your Jabs gents.

  2. I can't tell if the "piss" thing is real or its like a metaphor for something. That individual really grosses me out and everytime I hear his recount he makes me want to throw up. I don't understand why some people don't have the same disgust reactions that most humans do.

  3. Monkey pox is found in seminal fluid. That makes it a sexually transmitted disease. It can be transferred by ‘close touch’ and seems more persistent on Eg bedding than hiv so it could theoretically pass by that route. Check who you share bedding and towels with.. if men who have sex with men are likely to have the same bedding or towels as you, be more careful perhaps who you share bedding with.

  4. When 96%(cdc) of all confirmed positive cases are among the gay community that’s something…. One guy who was interviewed who admitted he got it he admitted he participated in several mass orgies and being the recipient of a “human piss fountain” with up to 20 other men peeing into him…. Not judging folks, free country and free choices!!! Your free to do what you want but each and every action has a reaction.
    Is it a “gay disease”???? No, anybody could get it…. Thats a vast and rampant over generalization!!!! Pointing this all out is not homophonic, just factuality correct.

  5. Hey , its their body , their choice , let them suffer for their own action . They know better , right ?! Us God fearing people just move along . Let GOD decide .

  6. What I want to know: what's the confirmed rate of monkeypox infections among the un-jabbed? Has there been a single case? Square 1 to 1 between the jabbed and the un-jabbed? I'm going to need to hear that stat before I take one step from "the alphabet people's new problem". Be a real plot twist if the establishment lowkey wanted to kill off the gay population–no one would ever believe that could happen, either side of the isle.

  7. The problem is not that this viruses are deadly or not right now, what the medical community wants to avoid is for the viruses to mutate. If Covid and Monkeypox continue to expand their reign, it increases the chances of the viruses to mutate to something that we cannot contain.

  8. I remember seeing a documentary about the aids outbreak and they were waving signs back then about how banning sex in gay bath houses and using condoms was discrimination or whatever (its been probably over a decade since I saw it, so I don't remember the details exactly but that was the gist of it)
    This is nothing new.

  9. Oh muh gawd. Did we learn nothing from aids? Protection people! Regardless of orientation safely engaging in sex is important. The guy retelling his monkey pox story is really a gross person. Unprotected sex with 15-20 other men? Stop being a ho bro! And he’s surprised he got something? What the hell? And I also, being a very boring adult, had no idea that birthday orgies are a thing. But I have no desire to give that mess a go so yay me.

  10. The only thing that I took from this video is that right wing extremists are unfairly stigmatizing the piss pig community.

    Edit: if you are a part of the community, just remember to get double vaxxed and boosted, and remember to keep your mask pulled up unless you're drinking a stranger's piss. Be responsible.

  11. KInd of raises an interesting question about how isolated these orgy festival communities actually were during all the covid lockdowns. Is this perhaps a major driving factor as to why lockdowns didn't actually work? We may have mindless gay orgies to thank for discrediting lockdowns as a public health measure.

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