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Should you be worried about Monkeypox?

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  1. Was it Johnson and Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine that used adenovirus? Have the parents of these children who have hepatitis had that vaccine? Maybe that's why they are having difficulty finding enough of it to sequence?

  2. Tyranny is just that, tyranny. Even if it's under the guise of public health. Covid has proven to be the tyrant wannabes dream of violating Americans' civil rights.

  3. I guess it’s nothing to worry about if you’re old and vaccinated (Chris Martenson) but for those younger ones it’s still not a nice virus to get. Even though the death rate may be low it can bring many complications (extensive scarring, loss of eye sight, etc.)

  4. Makes you wonder why the lies? There is something very insidious happening.
    Too sad most people are easily bridled and manipulated into compliance. Thanks Doc Martenson revealing the facts.

  5. A little off topic but here in Australia Glaxo have been advertising Shingles treatment along with the normal government fear porn. Does anyone know if there is a Coof jab connection? Now the government is pushing the 4th jab along with flu jabs for everyone including kids….WTF

  6. My husband and I tested positive for Coof a week ago. We did our notifications at work and stayed home for a week, but honestly? We think we had symptoms and were actually recovering when hubby lost his sense of smell, prompting the tests.

    This is my second go-round with Coof (I had symptoms in Dec. 2019, before it was a thing). Everything I’ve experienced has led me to be much more afraid of the Jab’s effects than the bug’s.

  7. Heute, Samstag 28.5. in Wien:
    „Megademo für freie Impfentscheidung“
    Sammelort: Wien 1., Heldenplatz
Abmarsch: ca. 15:30 Uhr
Teilnehmer: ca. 1.000 – 5.000 Personen lt. Anmeldung
Ende: unbekannt
    Heldenplatz – Ringstraße entgegen der Fahrtrichtung – Franz Josefs-Kai – Ringstraße – Heldenplatz

  8. Good discussion. This is just the next chapter in the crate training program for young people. More focus is needed to teach truth to children and keep them from living in fear.

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