MONTAGE: President Trump vs The Media (Coronavirus Edition)

MONTAGE: President Trump vs The Media (Coronavirus Edition)

Written by The Daily Wire

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  1. The media is corrupt and lackluster, but if you think Trump is any more truthful or sincere, you're just a moron. Or too lazy to bother thinking critically anymore.

  2. The virus came from China, so it is okay to call it Chinese Virus. However, if you want to name it without concern about racism(the term that has been overly used), you can call it CCP virus. (Chinese Communist Party Virus)

  3. I’m shocked how disrespectful the press are towards trump the lack of respect is pitiful if our press did that to our queen heads would roll

  4. how are some of these reporters even there?? people are looking for actual answers to actual questions and the questions they're asking are so fucking stupid

  5. The reason people attacked trumps travel ban is because 1) he should’ve done it 2 months earlier 2) the people were coming in from Europe not China. People were in lockdown in China and they already came and went. 3) he’s a dipshit

  6. Thank you our beloved Mr.President Donald J.Trump!
    He is our Strong ? Willed American Citizen responds to technocrats kowsheit ! ??Chinese press pass hahahaha!?

  7. Damn. This video is a dumpster fire… This kind of "news" and "reporting" on Trump is a great example of withholding information to his supporters leaving them ignorant of important information on how Trump is handling this pandemic and how his level of leadership is terrible. The United States has no President