Monty Python Anticipated Woke Culture 40 YEARS AGO!

You don’t have to be a nerd to appreciate Monty Python’s humor (although it helps). In fact, anyone looking around at woke culture today couldn’t help but be impressed with the prescience on display in a scene from the British humor troupe’s 1979 film Life of Brian, featuring a satirical conversation among a group of ancient Judeans during which one of their party insists that he wants to be a woman and that they all must subsequently call him “Loretta.”

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss other entertaining scenes in the film and promise to cover more in future live streams.

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  1. What happens guys is that neither of you were ever a member of a Marxist organization in the West, which were all either “Socialdemocrats”, or some variety of it. These gender matters have been part of the “revolutionary” movement’s debate since early 1900s. It started as a fight for women rights against patriarchy in the late 1800 and then all that crystallized in the BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. This gigantic step forward for human society taken in Russia, had an impact on Western Socialdemocrats who in turn tried to capitalize on the popularity of Bolshevik social policies by renaming all that “expansion of rights”. However for “Socialdemocrats”(which is what most Western Marxists were) that should happen within capitalism which ironically is a system built from and for EXCLUSION. Once again, in the West (USA, Europe), the Marxist movement was disgracefully contaminated by Socialdemocracy and liberalism, that’s why instead of fighting for fairness and equality of rights between men and woman (since they were pro capitalists, they couldn’t implement any revolution) they pushed for the “expansion of rights” in the middle of a terribly unfair society.
    This scene (I believe this is Life of Brian) shows what “Eurocommunists”, “Socialdemocrats” and “Liberals”, (and many times Trotskyists) all of which opposed socialism and communism, were discussing for decades and decades way before it was massively known by everyone.

  2. Strong coined the term, was a crook, wanted a world wide tax. Died in China wanted by cops in North America for stealing money slated for starving people Oil for Food program in the 70s

  3. Transphobia is well established in western entertainment and has been for decades. It's no surprise that Monty Python and Jimmy Dore would mock trans women this way.

  4. It was around, but back then people recognised it as and called it the lunatic fringe. What we didn't see was that they had a plan to force it on us all, by capturing the educational establishments and all the movers and shakers that came out of them. Eventually that would spread to the courts, quangos and politicians. And there was virtually no opposition until it was too late and opposition meant immediate failure in your chosen career. We will have to await complete societal breakdown before the tide turns.

  5. Monty Python knew this because these sent old ideas. This was the result of the Frankfurt school infiltrating universities since the 1930s. Monty Python was formed by its members when they were going to college in the 1970s so they had seen this crazy shit going on in college.

  6. Cleese and Idle are Cambridge.
    And Metzger is a blockhead if he thinks brilliant comedy comes from Cambridge, Oxford, MI6, etc.
    Men in drag, or ANY GENDER-BENDER sht [Bronx-born Christine Jorgensen 1952], have been funny since Roman comedy times and it's the same thing in this sketch which went further to make a mark for the troupe.

  7. Because that is how some working class, left wing pseudo intellectuals used to talk – take note of the accents. And that it is where the phrase 'loony left' came from. Sadly, in 70s it wormed its way into schools/education, and public sector. It was quite noble at the start, looking to equalise how black, disabled people, women could be treated. But as ever, it went too far.

    You can see similar in Holy Grail. Again, note the accents of the peasants talking to King Arthur. They are/were of a 'type'.

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