More Democrats Say They Won’t Vote Biden

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  1. Now this Jimmy just has to be on the take. A fake who is really just working for the forces of darkness. Selling his soul for trump voters. Class act

  2. Democratic Socialists, like Bernie, aren't Democrats. Democrats need to stop flirting with extreme minorities and try to build a majority voting block.

    The Democrats once had a large block of voters, high school educated workers, the majority of which happened to be white. But the Democrats lost them to the Republicans when they ignored them and their needs for a hypothetical coalition of minorities. Plus the Democrats accused these once loyal Democrats of being racist for wanting their needs to be met.

    One lesson to be learned is a large solid block of voters with the same ideas beats a patchwork of squabbling groups of different ideas and ideologies, not supported by the majority of votes,.

    Another lesson is to introduce more progressive ideas piecemeal. The majority of voters support some progressive ideas, not the entire progressive ideology and programs.

  3. I'm voting for Biden in 2020. There is no way Biden can be more incompetent than Trump, at least for the issues I care about with the Department of Education. Even Biden being braindead would have other people running things and responding, Trump is too busy playing Q spy games to run government.

    Trump is the only President that has had extended government shutdown. Trump was only president that required multi-year special counsel background check. Trump is the only president that brought on an economic shut down over routine health issues. When Obama fought off the Ebola outbreak the economy didn't shut down. You can't even wipe your ass in a Trump economy and ironically Trump hypes up the most bullsht.

    If Trump isn't to blame for this then fine, but he has 65 million gun owning supporters and some of the top military and engineers so if he has a problem he needs to tell his supporters, not abandon and stonewall them. TEAM, together everyone accomplishes more.

    If covid-19 was bioweapon they need to tell us so we can go fix issue. If Hillary and deepstate really are conspiring against him he needs to bring the evidence to court or authorize his supporters to arrest them. He controls the Department of Justice. He's the President of the United States, arguably one of the most powerful positions in the world, and we've been fighting some globalist pedophile cabal secretly for almost 4 years?

    Don't be dumb folks, they were all involved in 9/11 together. Trump's incentive was stealing the gold from the Commodity Exchange vaults under the towers and the oil grab. His penthouse full of gold overlooks the world trade tower vaults. He had engineers in the basement near the vaults after 1993 attempt. He received quantatative easing bailout in 1995 the same year the Federal Reserve issued the 9/11 twenty dollar bill that shows the towers burning when folded like a paper airplane. He's shown running for President in the 9/11 era Simpson cartoon with paid signs in the background exactly as scripted. He had an interview on the fake news propaganda the morning of 9/11 in a neighboring tower not worried his tower could be next, not panicked or in biological shock from witnessing towers. And clearly he cares about this oil because the first thing as President he gets the oil from America, and out of 180+ countries he is appointing the President of a foreign country at an American State of the Union, Venezuela, who has the oil everyone's been fighting for.

    Imagine if China appointed Hillary as the American President at their national address because they saw Americans divided over it with the popular vote and electoral vote. What's next Venezuela has WMDs too? Oh no, they have some drug cartel. Don't worry about Columbia or any other notorious drug country, the dangerous drug cartel we need to invade is over there by all that oil, go fetch.

    If Trump wasn't corrupt he would already be wielding the metaphorical sword of Truth and Justice, chopping off corrupt pedophile tax thief heads and serving up Liberty and Justice faster than than a baseball umpire could say Play Ball. Instead everyone is on lockdown waiting for some Qanon sealed indictment sting operation. No folks, sealed indictments are just a way for your kid to close the door while he tells you he's cleaning his room. Sealed indictments keeps others from bringing cases and is better than just ordering people to shut down investigations. Q board is just a way to profile citizens and track who tunes in. They stage public fight to buy time.

    YouTube search and watch "the road to El Dorado gambling with loaded dice scene". It shows example of people caught red handed staging play fight to make their way out the back door. Trust the plan? Follow the gold and oil.

    If the stolen 9/11 gold isn't stashed on one of their private resorts, islands, or hotels, then it will have been laundered into the economy legally by claiming something like "lost civil war treasure recently found" or "shipwreck gold recovered from bottom of ocean". Just get warrants to contact trace every person associated with gold discoveries from 1990 on. But they probably only laundered some in and stashed the rest in Vegas or islands. They might have also given the gold to foreign countries, received legal payment from that country, and then bought the gold back. Just track all universal gold and trace the acquisition history.

  4. Last election, I got the silent treatment from my own mother because I voted 3rd party. I was told that I helped get Trump elected. I pointed out that despite my vote, HRC won my county and despite her vote, Trump won hers. She hung up on me.
    The DNC is a cult that has brainwashed its followers to put party before everything. Watching Vote Blue No Matter Who dems lash out and bully people makes me sick. I'm tired of it. I will not be shamed, guilted, gaslighted, threatened, or bullied into voting for Biden.
    Stand up to these bullies!

  5. Nothing biden or his people can say would get me to vote for that guy. He has a long history of hurting the US at every turn. He helped ship our jobs to china. He helped spread wars across the middle east. He gave us the biggest handout to the health insurance industry. He helped kick millions of americans out of their homes. He fights to strip americans of their 2nd amendment right then gets mad when people question him about it. That is just his policy. This was a guy that stole speeches. This guys mind is slipping. How can the DNC even let him run? Anyone that supports him at all is clearly bought and paid for and should be removed from office. They could have backed Bernie but they clearly wanted anything but bernie. So screw them. Vote trump he is more progressive than biden and is not a warmonger and he stands up to china and instead of destroying our economy he has been trying to bring jobs back to the US. Something that is almost impossible to do thanks to people like Biden.

  6. colonel bernie sanders claim to want medicare for all. He claim to want a 15 dollar min wage, He claim to not want cuts to social security to pay for billionaire tax breaks etc. Well jim crow joe aint for any of those policies so why is colonel sanders endorsing him? Neither one of them want reparations for black people so black people are not gonna cone out in droves supporting them. Support is supposed to be a two way street. Truth be told bernie sabders doesnt want medicare for all or none of those policies. He just as rotten as the rest of em. His job is to keep yall attention and keep yall master bating and salivating at what democrats will never allow to happen. just like this 2000 dollar a month bill roa khana proposed. They keep yall master bating at what they not gonna pass or allow to happen.