More Government Dirty Tricks In Support Of The Big Banks!

In the ultimate dodgy trick, the final report in to the Taskforce into Regional Banking was snuck out at 4.52pm on Friday evening by the Albanese Government despite the report being a Coalition document overseen by two shadow ministers (Michael Sukkar and Perin Davey) whose current portfolios have nothing to do with treasury, finance, business or regional Australia.

As predicted by The Regional when this taskforce was set up, the final report contains nothing that will save a single bank, with the executive summary’s admission that it received more than 400 submissions “on ways of maintaining and improving banking services” illustrating that the entire exercise was, as the Financial Sector Union described it in 2021, just a “cruel stunt”.

Regional Australia is down to just 1011 major banks – a figure the taskforce was in possession of, or close to it, but chose not to reveal in preference to a much broader and rosier number provided by APRA, possibly due to an undeclared conflict of interest by Senator Davey.

A new inquiry would hopefully give regional Australians a fair go at saving their last banks and even, hopefully, getting some new ones.

The petition – EN4244 – closes on Wednesday night (October 6, 12.59am) (Sydney).

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  1. I cant wait till all the ATMs are locked and my bank account is taxed at 80% to pay off the debt for the last 40+ years Doin the rate hike dance all the way to the ball room bail in.

  2. Majority foreign owned private banksters one biggest political donors to major parties,need new public owned bank asap and legislation taxing all political donations at 100%,etc.

  3. If operating.a bank branch is consistently unprofitable, what would we expect the bank to do? Ignore its responsibility to maximise profits for the benefit of shareholders or keep poorly performing branches open?

  4. So did anyone actually believe Labor would be any different to the scum they replaced. Remember it was them that started the great neoliberal sellout of the country from the late 80s. Liberal and Labor are a two-headed snake captured entirely by the corporate elites.

  5. I am in the NSW Northern Rivers. You Martin (& your 'brother ' John ) are Australia's Regional "Soverign Cash " saviours . Go ! Go ! Keep up the Pressure on PM 'Dilbo' . We all believe that , You and John can…" Rally the Resistance in Canberra" (ie. force 'Dilbo ' & his minders into keeping Cash… everywhere… not just in the regions ) We know who ordered Glove Puppet PM 'Scummo ' to get rid of Christine Holgate (and Why !!)

  6. Thanks for exposing this Martin. The banks are nothing more than vile disgusting institutions that have the political puppets in their back pockets. My recommendation to anyone is pay off your debt, cut up your credit card and for those with a mortgage is sell now pay of the bank and pull all your money out and store it in silver, gold and land. Make them rot in hell!

  7. When the barter and cash system replaces banks – where will the tax revenue come from? Back in the early 1980's I read an article that said the Government only knew where 40% of the (money created) was. Guess that % will rise

  8. It’s like ANZ and their adds about how much they respect indigenous peoples in Australian. At the same time they closed down their bank in Kempsey NSW, a place where indigenous peoples are prevalent! Banks are not concerned with the region’s.

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