More House Dems Have Decided to Not Seek Re-election Than at Any Time Since 1992

What I said would come is already official:
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  1. Aka. Take the Money & Run! (But not for office.) I'd say good riddance but democrats are like roaches – ugly disgusting disease-spreading House pests that keep coming back no matter how many times you fumigate. ❎

  2. If all 38 million Canadians rise up, passively resist, and say with one voice, "we will not comply", then they can liberate their country from being taken over by authoritarianism. There may be hope for America if enough Americans vote Patriots into Congress to liberate and turn our country from this impending outcome.

  3. Not so fast, Styx! The Dems will do everything they can to hold on, including theft of elections. We have already seen this and know it to be the case. The states MUST do everything possible to shore up security to prevent this from happening…again….
    God Bless!

  4. Marxist Dems forget within 2 weeks. No matter what bad things happen. It is always hard to beat the Dems, MSM goes hard against conservative. The sheep follow. GOP will win, the reality is we need 90% of every race we can win. Even at the local levels

  5. Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of blowback this November. The Democrat political Apparatchik will be largely hibernating after its 2020…, um, let’s call it manipulation, so if it’s not a hard core Democrat (political Ostrich farm) district, then hopefully some Libertarian leaning Republicans will take it.

  6. It's not just the career, self serving dems that are in it to preserve their own power for as long as they live that need to be given the boot, how about the GOPs? Nobody deserves a position of power if they refuse to uphold and respect the Constitution and refuse to prioritize the needs of US citizens (US born and naturalized)

  7. None of you people get it, it’s the money. The politician has two choices. Run for office, spend the money using the war chest or quitting and keeping the war chest. Cmon, do some deep thinking here

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