More Hunter Biden Bombshells: Joe Owns Five Guns, Secret Service Hints at Investigation


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  1. Government is de jure legal and de facto criminal in every age. They outlawed racketeering to gain a monopoly on it. The only differences between a government and a cartel are style and scale — if a Cartel got as large as our government, they'd waste no time forcing banks abd pensions funds to buy $30 trillion in debt just like ours did. They'll enslave us all if given the opportunity.

  2. Air gap is the best security, remember don’t be sentimental about data, you only need it until you die. However uploading for reasons of lineage to the cloud can be convenient…. Maybe establish a dead switch for warm family memories.

  3. Soros is already whining about the threat to America isn't Russia or China, is it the 'domestic terrorism against democracy within, namely Trump and that movement'.
    What fkn farce. When ANYONE states there is a threat to democracy in the US it hasn't anything to do with the government system but the party democrats. When you dig into things deeper it is the Democrats that are the real threat to the Representative democracy of the United States. Think violence, it's predominantly from the Left, Intimidation Left driven, Censorship Left inspired, Abortion Left, Climate Change garbage nonsense Left driven, election fraud predominantly Left, corruption of pretty well every conceivable version Left Left Left.
    I don't care what the BS history books supposedly tell us, Nazi movement is also Left (not Right) because Everything the Nazi's were doing in Germany between 1933-45 are being seen as used by the Left today and in fact they are cheering the Nazi's in Ukraine and providing them armaments.

  4. There will be no investigation. Ever. The DNC owns the alphabet media companies, the FBI and the Justice department. They can hint all they want. No one is going to look into anything the Biden Mafia Family.

  5. Nothing wrong with granny and her gun. Better days then than now. Country after country is falling. As Americans sit on their porches watching and paying for the destruction of their own country.

  6. The hands down favourite gun caliber for assassins in the Italian and Irish mafias in their heyday of the 40’s, 50’s 60’s and 70’s was the .22 They were used at close range, and chosen because the projectile wouldn’t exit the skull – it just ricocheted around, destroying more grey matter.
    I trust their experience enough to take their word that a .22 is the perfect caliber.

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