More Lifelong Democrats QUITTING Party And Go Full MAGA, Liberals Go All In On Trump

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  1. I looked up Alice Coffin. She totally looks like a man. I would be afraid if I were her and my wish would come true, because maybe I would be mixed up with a man in the process and I would be "erased" too. That would be karma.

  2. As a French, I can tell you Alice Coffin is absolutely insane. Thankfully, the moderate left in our country didn't endorse her narrative and I'm not even sure the far left is supporting her massively. I would even say she does a pretty good job at showing to the people how crazy all these radical feminists are.

  3. At this point, whoever wins, I just hope that Trump's voters are diverse enough that we can put aside the race discussion and really talk about ideology because I really do believe it's not about racism, it's about ideology.

  4. I have to be honest as libertarian I hope I can be at the point where I can't stand your videos any more Tim. I want to focus on the fact you want to spend other people's money for the good of the community again.

  5. If the Democrats truly want to win, they'll have to literally let go of all kinds of hatred in their hearts & try to think on how to improve their policies. Oh wait….they can't. Care to guess why? 😛

  6. FYI: Dov Hikind's name is pronounced: Dov (long o, as in the past tense of dive) Hikind (first i is long, as in high, second is short, i.e. like inn, not like bind or kind). He represented the Boro Park neighborhood in Brooklyn, in the NY State Assemble for quite a number of years, and was very popular.