More Mostly Peaceful Riots in Seattle (The Soyviet Union!)

Antifa never fails to deliver:


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  1. 7:28 great historical hat tip. I love telling folks that about the turn of the 20th century Detroit was such a lovely city, known for it's amazing architecture and atmosphere, and such a jewel it was known as the Paris of the Americas.

  2. Few if any of these disruptions could even take place at all without the FAKE NEWS provocation and cover up. Maybe those jerks should face appropriate conspiracy and accessory felony charges? It is ABSURD to charge only the troublemakers, and let the main instigators and profiteers of the disturbances go free!
    Send the FAKE NEWS propagandists to GITMO! They deserve it.

  3. Why do the Seattle Police even show up for work? Call in sick and even retire. Police chief Carmen Best did the right thing and got the hell out of there. I hope she has a good rest of her life away from that crap.

  4. Saint Louis is in great shape lol. The trouble areas you constantly hear about are in an incredibly small land area. A vast majority (no im not exaggerating) is some of the nicest citys and suburbs in the nation. Springfield hahaha? Styx you're pulling shit out of your ass. I love your content but you do have a tendency to just talk bs to support your argument. Im a full on conservative and couldn't be happier being in Saint Louis for the most part. Its always been that way despite what we constantly have to see on the news. Just don't go to the ghetto. All there is to it.

  5. As a former leftist I say this, it is not possible to placate these people, ever, they hate everybody except their tiny little group, the tiny group becomes their new family. Ultimately they hate themselves, they are miserable hate filled, angry people. I was like that, the good thing is though, in most cases these people will grow up, some though are lost forever.