More rioting in Chicago?!

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. When I encounter people who support the violent aspects of the protests/riots (Vaush – from your prior interview comes to mind), I always find irony that they are completely unaffected by their effects.
    Vaush & co safely stream from the comfort of their homes, their physical wellbeing/property unmolested.
    I think its time to encourage them to host riots/violence in their neighborhood. Lets see how much they like it when their shit is smashed, stolen, and burned. Bet they change their mind on that real fast.

  2. I had that same thought this morning, about right wingers rioting and the immense media coverage and scorn that would draw not only in the US but around the world. That would fit the dominant narrative. Compare that hypothetical wth actual lack of coverage of violence in Chicago and other cities involving significant numbers of Black Americans injured, killed, or terrorized by other Blacks. BLM, nothing to report on there.

  3. Dude these are not riots these are unruly protests. When is a riot people don't just go home and go to sleep the city will burn when there's a riot there will be bodies laying on the ground when there is a real riot. If you think these are riots you aint even ready for what's coming.

  4. Notwithstanding whatever spin is coming out of the ranks of the pseudo-Marxist keyboard vanguardists, antifa, the progressive Twitter sphere, and/or the BLM/woke crowd, the rioting/looting taking place in the Chicago metropolitan area is nothing more than rank lawlessness being carried out by the city’s robust lumpen element and the growing numbers of newly unemployed/immiserated workers — that are transitioning into that lumpen (criminal) element.

    This is the sort of thing I expected to see following months of languishing economic activity, inaction from the political class (and equal parts indifference on the part of the bourgeois press), and the piecemeal erosion of the modest infrastructure of economic protections for the poor and vulnerable populations that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. (In many ways, I feel the media’s job has been to channel the consequential discontent this has sparked in the population into these divisive cultural/identity/partisan political clashes — which have effectively pitted one segment of the working class against the other.) People are going to witness that, in the absence of the ideological veneer of the civil rights causes in the mainstream discourse (and the failure of lawmakers to adequately respond to the full scale of socioeconomic displacement continuing to be wrought by the pandemic), this sort of social violence and criminality will only persist and grow. The current cultural paradigm may serve to further inflame racial tensions — which will probably result in an escalation of racial violence and reprisals (which left liberals will find increasingly difficult to attach a persuasive ideological narrative to).

    One can only speculate what the end result of all this will be, but I’m not at all optimistic.

  5. The lockdowns & riots are integral to the "Great Reset." Just research Gene Sharpe and Neoliberal color revolutions. Read the Rockefeller Foundation Lockstep document while you're at it. In a few years the gentrification will be obvious in addition to the privatization of most assets by vulture capitalists. Its all a desperate attempt to maintain global dollar hegemony. Yay! ?

  6. It’s allowing violence to justify martial law being ushered in, connect the dots. residents armed and firing back at these mobs to stop them- a need for presence of militias and proactive residents. It’s driven by lack of consequences and lack of licensed firearms in Chicago’s strict control zones. It’s criminal gangs with guns and fatherless poorly raised people engaging in violence with no repercussions.

  7. The people are revolting! Yes Mike, we know.

    The fact is this is just crime, crime is not big news it's crime. Juvenile and young men bash stuff up when unsupervised and have for centuries. Criminals have no "agenda," and these local riots in districts where you can take free stuff have no important social message except that social media can enable a lot organization in mobs. Mobs do things nobody would dare to do alone.

  8. The reply by Trump to O'Really is a good example of Trumpiness, but it is not "post exceptionalist" it's flagrant machismo. Talking tough and acknowledging violent capability is an expression of American exceptionalism to the GOP base, conversely purposeful Obamaesque civility is effete and therefore liberal & unamerican.

  9. Though I live in Chicago and not that far from Michigan Ave, I only found out about the last weekend events from the news. Based on my obviously limited knowledge, it's hardly could be classified as some kind of politically motivated 'riots,' but outright (and organized) looting. You're reading a bit too much into it.

  10. Tomorrow (Aug 15) Chicago's Dan Ryan Expressway will be shut down by BLM protesters. I don't know what this is supposed to accomplish. Two years ago the Dan Ryan was shut down by anti-violence protesters. How did that work out?

  11. There are a lot of things the media has no curiosity about. One big issue is immigration. How do they get here and who decides what city they will settle in? Who are the people helping them along the way and what are their motives? I really am curious about this as i don't have a clear picture of all that is going on and would love to know the truth. Another issue is abortion. You rarely or never hear the details about the abortion procedure or have interviews with former abortion workers who became prolife. There are a lot of them. You never hear about the women who regret their abortions, some even to the point of suicide. Just a few issues, I can think of many more.

  12. I am interested in the riots. Have watched hours of YouTube streaming from portland, seattle, Chicago. I felt like you did at the start, a sense of betrayal in the "covid contract" we all agreed to. We were all making sacrifices and were flattening the curve, then all the rules changed. Soon strict lock down politicians and Healthcare workers were telling us to "take it to the streets". That racism was now the biggest Healthcare crisis. Where did this come from? Also 500 healthcare workers at a nearby hospital made a big show of it, went outside and took the knee. It seemed half of the country had lost their minds and that was before they started making excuses for the violent mobs. I finally realized that a lot of people are ok with the violence, think it is justified. Also a lot of people hate trump so much they would destroy everything if they thought it would help get rid of him..

  13. Trumps foreign policy aporoach is confused – I doubt he knows what it is. A bit of 'art of the deal' a bit of pacifism along with authoritarian interventionism (like Bolivia, Yemen). Abbie Martin dug up videos of him that make him look he's really only the latter, but I suspect hes not totally that. I dont see him non exceptionalist. Like his Bolton appointment .. Most you could say is 'You want the Generals pissing in the tent, not from out of it'.

  14. The rioting was propagated by the mainstream-media with daily black man killed by white cop.
    This was all planned and propagated via the DNC and Hillary Clinton..
    The intention of this is to oust Trump, install Hillary’s pick Kamala Harris and continue the Hillary industrial complex 20 year Iran war.
    A year from now there will be multiple new wars

  15. I expect more looting to occur. Looting calmed down as everything that could be looted within the protest zones had been looted. Looting gangs are now looking for new target rich areas. This seemed to happen in Seattle some time ago where "protesters" met at what seemed to be an obscure park and then proceeded to move into a commercial strip and looted what was there. I fully expect this to happen again. It does not seem to be uncommon for insurgent groups to turn to organized crime. The hyper religious Taliban now seems to be part of the opium trade. Didn't Marxist groups in Columbia turn to involvement in the drug trade?

  16. Nothing wrong in being a contrarian when politics is dictating narratives on either side. We should all be contrarians unless sufficient evidence is provide for either narrative.