More Ukrainian Soldiers Refuse To Fight

Throughout the Ukraine War we’ve been inundated with news about disaffected, underpaid and deserting Russian troops, but now those same types of stories are emerging about Ukrainian soldiers. Many Ukrainians on the front lines are expressing their outrage at being abandoned by the Zelensky government, short of supplies, fed just a potato per day and without even radios to communicate with commanders.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the morale problem hitting Ukrainian forces as their battlefield fortunes decline.

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Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the progress of the Russian invasion and the media’s changing story.

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  1. American never QUIT in 1776 and we were fighting the worlds only super power. Let ‘‘em go…. They don’t deserve to exist, cowardice. Farmers is what we had fighting in the revolutionary war. 🤦🏻‍♂️ come on Jimmy… you know let ‘em go.

  2. (queue Sarah McLachlan I will remember you) 🎶 For the price of a cup of covfefe a day you can provide a bullet and potato to a fighter in the Ukrainian 🇺🇦 and continue the endless wars.

  3. 4:40 … and how that at least 10% (if not more, at this point) of the Ukrainian military is made up of ultra-right-wing Ukrainian Nazis. Don't any of you find this whole Nazi thing bizarre? I mean, Nazis were by no means friends with literally ANYONE in Eastern Europe, let alone Ukraine, and yet, now, 70+ years later, there are whacko right-wing political groups all over Europe, Eastern Europe, even Turkey and Greece are in on this, who are self-identifying as Nazis! What insanity! What a bunch of freakin' nutjobs! The C.I.A. and the U.S. government have "secretly?" (i.e. no U.S. mainstream, corporate reporting of this) supported these right-wing Ukrainian fascists since at least 2008 and then much more heavily starting in 2013.

    Remember folks, it doesn't matter if it's a (wrongly-named, and alleged) "Democrat???" or a Repub-LIE-CON who sits at the desk in the Offal Orifice. Both political parties are the lapdogs of Wall Street banksters, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Prison-Industrial Complex, Big Gas, Big Oil, Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the police unions. These @$$wipes do not work for you and me. So, if you are STILL ignorantly throwing your precious vote away on either of these "two?" parties, then, like Mr. Dore has stated hundreds of times already, you are a CHUMP!

  4. Everyone in the Ukrainian Army and the Russian Army are being exploited because of political oligarchs screwing over well-meaning, powerless people on either side of these conflicts.

  5. It’s not about making people feel better about the 40 billion dollars. It’s about getting long range rockets that can reach targets inside Russia and that so far the US has refused to send. That’s why they’re whining about not having cover from behind. They want to escalate the war which long range rocket fire will certainly do. They want offensive weapons, not just defensive. Check out The Dreizin Report – get him on your show.

  6. They needed to rein the Ukrainians in a little. This is just to show them that the Western media could write about what's really going on if Zelensky doesn't cooperate. It is OK to publicly ask for help, but not to criticize the decisions of the US government or pressure NATO states into starting WW3. This will become an increasingly important point to explain to the Ukrainians as the Russians keep advancing. The US wants a forever war in Ukraine, but not escalation. They want the money/weapons to flow and Russia to get weaker without any real risk to Americans or their NATO allies. Ukrainians have very different interests, so they have to be kept under control.

  7. 6:29 Gee, if only all those Ukrainian draftees had ammo, they could tell the Ukrainian military where to shove it. Arresting soldiers who don't have commanders, who don't have communications equipment, who don't have ammunition, to then be arrested because they LITERALLY cannot fight, unless the Ukrainian military leaders and that idiot Zalinskey want them to throw rocks and sticks at the Russians … or, water balloons … what a bunch of hypocrites the Ukrainian leadership really is. By the way, you KNOW that none of that $40 billion is going to go to help those soldiers.

    The Ukrainian president, now that he and his right-wing Ukrainian Nazi masters have their hands on that $40 billion, he's going to capitulate to Putin, Putin and the Russians will just go ahead and KEEP what ground they have captured, and Zalinskey will run off to some hideaway on the Mediterranean somewhere, never to be seen again. Then, the ultra-right-wing Ukrainian Nazi party will take over what's left of Ukraine and the REAL people of Ukraine will either continue to suffer under those @$$wipes, or, they'll flee Ukraine to join the millions who've already left that bedraggled country.

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