Morgan C Jonas takes on Neil Mitchell

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  1. We'll, I suppose I'll be one of those idiots voting for him….. I've been going through the entire Victorian senate candidate list this last weekend, working out my preference order. Morgan is high up the list as a quality candidate!

  2. Only ever heard Neil Mitchell speak once (this interview) and WOW, what Anti Australian level is this Id*ot on??? Does he report to North Korea or China???

  3. Well the Real Moron stood up
    Losing his kool and resorting to name calling.
    Paid Shill was found wanting
    Power to the People.
    Think Tanks to find the Sokutions is exactly what is needed.
    Not Empty Promises that the Major Parties always provide

  4. That Snitchell is the rudest of all. Good work Morgan. Thank you for standing up for those who are awake and know what is happening. This Snitchel is the arm of the grubberment. He does all the grubberment work.
    Loved it….Again thank you Morgan.
    Stay strong Morgan.

  5. This Neil is why there is a huge problem.
    Thank you Morgan, his one of the biggest idiots, disrespectful people I've herd. Good on you Morgan, we will surely be on your side always.

  6. Well done, Morgan, for taking him on. He is well known for the piece of bullying s#%t that he is and he is well passed his use-by date. His show is now nothing BUT railroading anyone who does not accord with his hollow opinions, he does not know fact and he sprouts falsehoods that support what he wants listeners to think. He’s just a bully who gets off on putting people down and talking over the top of him.

  7. I don’t know either of you but I can tell you Morgan c jones has my upmost respect for the way he handled this disgusting man’s views and nasty comments not even letting Morgan speak and talking over him when he did let him .good on you Morgan the only good thing that came out of this so called one sided interview I now know who you are and will look you up so I can here you properly without the negative noise in the background god bless you Morgan 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Morgan C Jonas cuts his teeth on a bit of dead wood: 6:23 "I'm actually answering your questions, you're choosing not to listen. You see; you're used to railroading people Neil. OK? The old guard's out. Australia is turning towards Independent Media now and platforms like yours; they're gonna be phased out!". The long silence that followed is what hitting a raw nerve sounds like. Keep 'em on the ropes Morgan. Float like a butterfly & sting like a bee

  9. Neil Mitchell bought and owned by Daniel Andrews. His main audience are the left virtue signallers that will go for their 4th jab cos Neil tells them to. Bought and paid for so obvious.

  10. He needed an earful, good work. But you can tactically "win" these arguments against Neil and get him and his audience on side. He has the power of controlling the conversation of course, but having numbers and sources ready is basically all it takes.

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