Mortgage Stress Even Higher!

We review the latest analysis from our surveys – as discussed in a number of TV and radio interviews over the past couple of days.

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  1. News tonight reported that rate is expected to peak at 3 to 3.5% around mid 2024. Then the RBA is expected to start reducing interest rates which is currently supported by the bond rate which is 3 year forward looking which is currently falling in expectation rate will fall after they have peaked and inflation in back in check. The sky is not falling in….

  2. Over the last 3 years Banks have pandered to the least likely people who could ever pay a mortgage. They are the trailing edge of the mortgage market. Now we see them screwed, because the advertisers sucked in these losers who could never repay a debt, once interest rate went up. This Capitalism.

  3. Question, do your models apply to rural properties/farms in regional postcodes or just town houses & units? I have been studying the rural property market for some time now and can not see it cooling any time soon. What are your thoughts?

  4. 46% house price falls… Imagine the carnage… That's close to the 50% figure that many, including myself, thought that people were nuts for considering feasible. If we get to a 3.5% cash rate, I can see 35% occurring…

  5. Thank you Martin what a great update. You sound so sad in this one, thank you for caring about people. Economics is the gloomy science, and you are so kind to give good advice on how we can help ourselves in this difficult time

  6. So I was at my local buffet the other day, and it was packed… felt like everyone was just chilling and enjoying themselves, what is up with all this negative reporting?

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