Mortgage Stress Soars – Housing to Impact the 2022 Election

#MortgageStress #AusPOL #HeiseSays
Mortage stress soars and while it might not lead to a house market crash, it will certainly impact the 2022 Election.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Never fear the government will use immigration to fix it. They are just waiting to bully a few more citizens to get jabbed. Outsiders said that NSW has had to back down. All unvaxed will get all freedoms three weeks after vaxed.

  2. It's not surprising that you make a unfair system that then pushes people towards communism, we have a bunch of idiots in government who can't even figure that out..

  3. I don't get how people can pay a mortgage and life expenses without getting in more and more debt each year…(with a normal wage)
    I was bailed out of this with an inheritance, I bought land in the country for $135k in 2019, now my neighbour is selling the exact same size plot for $320k !!

  4. I would be somewhere near the top on that graph of weekly income and despite forgoing some salary at the start of COVID I have made more due to dip in shares last year. Definitely do not agree with the lockdowns and support the protesters. I think most in my situation or in WA in general don’t understand the protesting at all.

  5. Solution reduce regulation, encourage higher education and self improvement. I dropped out of school early worked for a few years before realising that I was not going to get anywhere and going back to study. 9 years to finish degree and 4 years to finish professional qualification. Hard work but pays off in the long run.