Mortgages Interest Rates Heading to 5% – Will people prepare?

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Mortgage interest rates are heading to 5%, surprising no one. Will people who have fixed in a lower mortgage prepare for the rate raises?


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  1. It's just started I think interest rates are going to go a lot higher I know it will hurt a lot but that's tough
    Yes you need to to plan you have been saying it for ages but I bet not many took any interest
    So many just thought low rates we re here to stay
    Yea your morguage keeper is on the shelf they have tried everything else
    So many want the big house the 4×4 and boat stick it on the house
    Shiell be right mate

  2. If labour get in with their regional 5% deposit scheme house prices to the moon in the regions. Go buy a shack within 2 hours of major hub now !!

  3. Right then. Just get another job and retrain- no worries. How much is retraining? Time off for reskilling. Courses going up in cost. Extra child care costs cancel any benefits of working an other job. Not to mention damage to the kids long term- 2 parents required for a reason. 1 needs to work. 1 needs to raise them. As it used to be. (Don’t care which does what).
    If inflation is at 5%+ and rising, surely the minimum mortgage rates should be greater than that?
    It is inevitable that people will default on their home loan, but I suspect car and other short term loans will be the first indicator.

  4. Well people prepare? . There’s 2 sides to that . Existing home owners keeping their houses and the future of sales and prices. House prices are set from sales. Not existing home owners. I hope people are prepared for a fall in house prices. How many have been using there house as a atm machine. It’s also not only the drop . There’s thousands of businesses and people involved in housing. The economy will not do well if house prices drop. Be careful. Look for signs of demand for houses crashing. Open homes empty, auctions failing , listings in your area climbing fast. Reduce debt if you can , is your job Secure. Do you have room to bump the years up on your mortgage to give you a breather. Could you get a flat mate

  5. muppets will be muppets..

    nuff said

    Bring on the crash… like SERIOUSLY bring in the crash…..

    all the 'woke deadshits' who bought into the whole 'property to the moon' market will get 100% burned…

    better if you lived in Lismore and got wiped out…

    the sheeple will get led to the slaughter…. 100% each and every time….


    ALL my properties are paid at a minimum of 8%…. 100% can handle ANY RATE RISE….

    your welcome sheeples

  6. Consenting to REpay higher interest rates on the credit YOU created – when the bank merely pretends to loan you …. is what I call insanity.
    But I guess most can’t or won’t even try to comprehend what I’ve just put down. Preferring to believe Iam the one suffering from insanity. 🤦‍♀️
    Imagine if …. thousands of customers chose to question their fraudulent mortgages, proved they never signed any lawful binding contract and ceased making the REpayments until provided the material evidence.
    They’d soon realise this is impossible to do for any bank – because a certified copy of the credit agreement, Memorandum of common provisions (where your assigned POA is found) and all trust documents are concealed. They will never see the light of day …. otherwise this epic financial fraud scam would be over.
    Go figure 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. So rates have gone from 2 to near 5 %, the Fed only moved up 0.25 and the RBA not even moved yet.

    Going wit 3% buffer now one has to be able to afford 8% interest rate. Getting heavy imagine when the RBA starts moving.

  8. I won't be doing anything I didn't take out a mortgage when I knew this would happen eventually. I don't want to pay higher cost of living via inflation just so the IDIOTS who bought in don't have to face the consequences of their actions so I hope rates increase significantly.

  9. When I purchased my 16 houses between 2010 – 2013 I did my numbers to be able to afford 9% interest rates.

    My best yield now is 28% (rent/debt). Rents have gone up over 50% since I bought.

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