Moscow Isn’t Wrong About Ukraine’s Potential To Detonate A “Dirty Bomb”

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


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  1. It would be the strupidest thing to do, dirty bombs use conventional explosives so would spead radiation over a small area…..Around 200-500m radius. Would you irradiate you backyard? Pretty pointless. IF anyone is going to do it it would be Russia to justify using a nuclear weapon in Kherson so that no one can have the city. Russian elits are calling for this. Just put the peices together……It is VERY clear.

  2. It amazes me the same politicians and commentators masquerading as wannabe journalists want to say it makes perfect sense Russia blew up it's own pipeline but it makes no sense Ukraine using a DB in it's own nation. I'd love to know all the Intel the various nations had last week that told their citizens get out. 🤔

  3. On another note, did Russia expect the US, UK, and France to act any other way? They're funding this chit show after all! I have yet to hear what Turkey's Erdogan says….which will he choose? To have control of the EU via millions of Merkel migrants AND a Russian oil hub, or cave to the west? Watching the sauds, I suspect I know what Turkey's reply will be.

  4. an " expedition force " man what hapened to you ?
    did you forget the Kiev treaty garantied by Russia
    and for the nuke what is the gain of ukreanian to iradiate there own teritory

    Jamal you just spit Propaganda lines there …………. have been subscribe to your chanel for many years
    now i am not
    you do you and i wish you good health man .

  5. As much as I disagree with you often I must say that your reporting on the Ukrainian / Russian war is fairly balanced and I must acknowledge your fair coverage of it. Good job.

    PS I love listening to you because you are smart even when I disagree I understand where you draw your conclusions. Thank you for educating me on your side of politics and sometimes like above I agree. Again thank you sir.

  6. to all guys talking about the host.. why not attacking his report?.. not him.. or does he offer a different view on what happens and that makes u guys angry? uuuhhhh.. hes correct in his analysis..

  7. Damn, My Brother. Have you gone total “Russian puppet”?🙄

    Nuclear weapons had only ONE TIME they could be used offensively. That time is passed, and they ONLY make sense as defensive weapons. We even stopped making tactical weapons, because we realized the dubiousness of using nuclear weapons on a large scale.🤦🏾‍♂️

    Russia’s propaganda and probing only proves my point. Even they know that they’ll need to manufacture a situation where they can use NW in a “defensive” capacity; when what they REALLY want is a means to “save face”, and hurt Ukraine for basically beating them up and take their lunch money. They been putting out “feelers” for around a month. Now, we see how they might “false flag” that shit into reality.💯

    It simply doesn’t benefit Ukraine to use a NW on their own territory (ESPECIALLY A DIRTY BOMB…), when they’re already pushing Russia out of their country.🤨

    Why are you even entertaining this idea on social media? Are you THAT hard up for money, good sir?!🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Sorry brother, but the premises you growing your logic from are rotten to the core.🙄

    First off, Ukraine held off the “expeditionary” force for quite some time (and pushed them back…) before help from the US/EU arrived. That took a few months to happen.😐

    Secondly, Russia did annex a large portion of the Ukraine. However, many parts of the lands they annexed were already under dispute (not really…), and since about two months ago, Ukraine has drastically reduced the size of their territory Russia now controls. Where the hell do you think Ukraine’s army keeps getting all of their Russian weapons? This isn’t a “controlled/tactical retreat” by Russian forces. They’re being COMPLETELY overrun, and are being forced to abandon MASSIVE amounts of weapons and ammunition the Ukrainians then turn around and use on Russia’s retreating forces. That “expeditionary” force from the beginning is now near 80% dead. So dead, that Russia is recruiting “conscripts” from prisons.💯

    My Dude, you are TOTALLY WRONG about who’s desperate, here.🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. This isn’t Syria, or Iraq, so I don’t understand why he’s bringing them up.🙄

    Even if Ukraine fell, that wouldn’t really hurt NATO member nations all that much. They’re armed to the teeth, and I doubt Russia has the death wish necessary to attack them. However, I think Ukraine makes a better buffer than, say, Poland.🫤

  10. That’s where you’re wrong.🙄

    Ukraine isn’t “losing” the war. No one who is following this war closely will agree with that assessment. The closest you might get is that they seem to be at parody in the east, but Russia is still in retreat in the south.🤦🏾‍♂️

    When your enemy is retreating, you’re not “losing”. That’s how war works.🤨

  11. Jamarl, you are almost completely incorrect in your reporting. Money from Sputnik and RT broadcasting which were developed by the Russian government is causing you to drastically spin your reporting. Zelensky has never advocated for a nuclear strike on Russia. All the supposed "false flags" you "suggested" were committed by Ukraine have been debunked. Russian pro-war factions had a legitimate interest to destroy the Nordstrom pipeline to make Russia commit further to the war in Ukraine. Saying Ukraine is losing the war right now is also delusional. You also refuse to accept the mobilization of Russia (expeditionary force lmao) likely because of your Russian funding. Even legitimizing Russia's illegally annexed territory from Ukraine is insane. There is no evidence Ukraine is building a dirty bomb, but instead you make a random theory about it while numerous war crimes are being committed in Ukraine by Russia. Your silence is a choice.

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