Mossad Leaks The REAL Ukraine- Russia Casualty Numbers. It’s Grim For Ukraine

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. @Lindybeige , I’d like to fact check these numbers. I bet the casualty report is including civilians given how many missiles the Russians throw everywhere across Ukraine, while Russian numbers probably only talk about confirmed dead. If I recall this is a count from TURKEY and MOSSAD and they’re allies of Russia (at least in the view they were) so I’m not a big believer of these numbers.

  2. I actually thought this was a legit news agency. Props to that.

    Turns out this us actually just FOX TV without the logo and the girl in the screen reading a script. Gatta hate this “UNVERIFIED” and thus “BASELESS COMMENTARY.”

    Shame on you for trying to get the world to help Ukraine.

  3. Russia could have steam rolled them. Instead they are bleeding us slowly betting we bleed out before they do. It's supposed to be long, expensive and an excruciating exercise in futility.
    This isn't about Ukraine, it's about the west screwing around on Russia's borders. It's deterrence for all future interference in the politics of Russia's neighbors. They're winning even if they lose.

  4. 157k dead Ukrainian dead, vs 18k dead Russians? When the Russians have been attacking and losing? Why would anyone take this nonsense seriously?
    Kim, I've lost my respect for you.

  5. Those numbers are ridiculous!!!! For instance, look the number of russian planes lost: only 23. But we can confirm that Russia lost 20 Su-25s, 18 Su-34s, 11 Su-30s, 9 Su-24s and 2 Su-35s. So, even considering only these five types of aircraft, the confirmated losses are 60. When I say confirmated I mean, with photos, georeferencing and tail numbers. We even know the name of the pilots (most of them died and declared heroes of Russia, with articles in russian newspapers!!!). Mossad guys are not that stupid. This is just propaganda. But of course, many people here will greet you for your great information.

  6. These numbers are so fake! Who is this newspaper? Completely unknown? Don't you think that it's a pro russian push for propaganda to harm Ukraine and Nato? Really! Please, check your sources. Don't believe something that is so lop sided. About 100'000 casualties on both side is more adequate, which is a lot already. Don't make supposition about the CIA's visit. "you can have 20% of Ukraine" is not for them to say. Ukraine is still an independent country who must decide for themselves. We are not running out of Ukrainians either. This is a Bot. Please your conclusions are not coming out of logic. And you're way too naive. Why can't so many media understand that the Russians are the aggressor and that they must go home to Russian, where they belong?

  7. Let the US send another 100 Billion to a losing cause. Sounds like SOP for the USA. It will not make it to the Ukraine people. It will end up in corrupt pockets.

  8. Is complete bs. Check the facts somewhere on the net, before you quote some fake sht. Supereasy, since 3 days we know no nato traniees died, and alll assumed this is a russian propaganda.Why you do videos like this? Neither you understand what you read…

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