Most Democrats Don’t Want Biden in 2024, New Poll Shows

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


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  1. Roe isn't a sacred cow to Biden, or the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is such a big tent that they don't stand for anything anymore. That's the difference, why they don't fight for shit.

  2. Hey Jamarl. I got the notification but was busy. Sorry I missed the chat. I would've had it hopping. 😂

    It isn't their jobs to get re-elected any more. It's their jobs to take the money from the filthy rich, supplicate and abase themselves, say "Yes sir/ma'am. Bless you," and do what they're Gdeddmd told. For that they and their families are set for life. While We The People are murdered by neglect. Follow Green Wiccan. ♥️

  3. the utterly pathetic absurd usmerican discussion on and on, for 4y, about 'leader' winning next elections, never day after day about doing something useful. A wonder then that the awful choice, less evil!!, runs an election shop from poll to poll! For decades.
    Elected a mentally deficient and worse a for 45y proven mentally dangerous fool playing at being a sort of president when he remembers where he is, balloting him around the word to 'represent' you. And you are not ashamed of y o u r s e l f.?.
    A leader has to go round the country, to show he cares, not to make speeches, but to listen to a long line of indigenes a clerk noting all down. The words "if i am re_elected" forbidden by law. Polls of vote intentions forbidden by law. Campaign of 3 months. You can analyse a (wo)man 's work and character, impact, without any mention of elections.

  4. His own party doesn't want him running again. Notice all the Hunter Biden info coming out? As for the abortion issue, poll after poll shows people are more concerned about the economy. You are harping on something that doesn't matter. Frankly, you are being irrational and projecting your opinions onto the public. Most voters would not be supportive of what you suggested he do.

  5. Family..
    Why not is our message:
    "Why are we failing at being human? – to be human; one must be humane, we are failing to honor our design; when we behave unworthy of it's elegance"
    Our human brain is separate from that of a elephant's brain; yet, an elephant's brain is superior – because elephants don't use their brain to cause such suffering and evil.. But we humans do..

    We focus on how separate we are from plants, and animals – yet plants, and animals are far less active in causing the intentional suffering of others.

    We should be earning the honor of the human design, not contributing to the disgrace of it.

  6. He didn’t get the nomination because people wanted him, so disapproval polls won’t get him out of it. The DNC know that they can rig whatever they want and voters will fall in line.

  7. women & girls who experience a failed pregnancy? wtf? no one is talking about medical services for a failed pregnancy! we are talking about forced pregnancies! especially for girls!!! where is the advocacy for victims of rape & incest? how is it that their lives are forfeit? do you have freedom without body autonomy? did females just get established as non human? are we not people who have rights? wtf actually happened with this ruling? i heard that states that ban abortion will make it illegal to leave the state, are there going to be check points between states?, how far is this lunacy going to go? somehow gas prices aren't freaking me the fuck out anymore

  8. Good critique, let’s hope people in the Biden administration or Biden himself see and hear it.
    Social Security the other ‘sacred cow’ on the chopping block Biden and the democrats will do nothing to defend.
    The SSA might dole out the funds to people like me just to spite the republican attack. Wall Street wants the SSA funds like a vampire demands blood.
    The Democratic Party were never fighters in the history of this party they only became fighters when labor pushed to become fighters. Before there was a labor movement the Democrats compromised with the slaveholders against the working population of slaves and freed men and women in America.
    America was built on a labor movement in the 20th century. It was a society that worked for the working class before it became a society that works for the bourgeoisie of America in 1980.
    Now labor is caught in a bourgeois world with bourgeois social forces ripping apart the foundations of American society in real time at break neck speed.

  9. I never wanted him.
    I always saw him as a pale version of the Orange dude. Every negative thing you could accuse Trump of, you could find a parallel in Biden. Except Biden may have been a little more polite. (Oh wait, you dog-faced pony soldier, let's arm wrestle about it.)
    The Dems have not followed through on campaign promises, RvW has been gutted, and the bloody midterms are coming.
    Hunter Biden sh*t is airborne and the fan blades are turning.
    And I'm the bad guy when I point out Biden's flaws because people are so freaked out about Trump.
    Oh, I despise Trump and always have. I also despise the people who force-fed us Biden as if he was the best we could do to oppose Trump, as if that is the best we deserve.

  10. Dems are pro-war, don't care about the economy and are semi-pro-social issues (like abortion). And they are giving up on social issues, too. Republicans are pro-big business, anti-social issue, but anti-war (at least less so than Dems). This country made a HARD right turn when Reagan was elected, a few years later Clinton followed to the right and since then, we have been heading right off a cliff. If it weren't for the language barrier (I'm old and don't want to learn another one), I could prolly name a dozen countries that are better to live in than the country I was born in.

  11. If not Biden, it will just be another clone of the same ilk. Biden is not a man of deep intellect with a humanist's soul. He is through-and-through a political animal trained for almost 50 years to the bidding of our monied few. Democracy is dead and everything beyond this point is choreographed "theater".

  12. People's democracy is dead. National elections are little more than "political theater" where monied oligarchs vie for ascendency. The genuine well-being of millions of people gets kicked around on that stage like the political "football" that it is, and then forgotten. Just look around you and ask yourself if anything much has changed for the better in the last 50 years in spite of the promises and assurances and guarantees made by ALL politicians. The proof is in the pudding. The well-being of the American People is barely an afterthought.

  13. The underlying collusion and complicity of BOTH parties is the "elephant in the room" that so, so many fail to see. Collectively, the monied few of both parties have created so much internal divisiveness amongst the people themselves that they are able to operate with impunity while undermining democracy itself. Fascism is around the corner, and the ONLY thing that will matter then is how much money and power you wield. Forget noble ideals, and humanitarian sentiments. Money and power of the few has subsumed the "better angels" of human nature.

  14. Obama wasn't "impotent". He was utterly complicit in packing the Supreme Court. I am a 73-year-old white guy who was utterly ecstatic with Obama's election, believing that there might still be hope for People's democracy. Subsequent events have proven how idealistically naive that assumption was. Everything since has proven to me that America is merely a "wish, a hope and a dream" that is rapidly fading. There ARE a few advantages to being an old man. I won't be around to see the death of a beautiful idea. Many of you will, and I weep.

  15. There it is! You just said it. The mere lack of rage and indignation displayed by Biden is evidence of his utter complicity. Regardless of political affiliation, the monied few intend to turn America into a new "plantation" where everyone, regardless of color, but based only on their financial "credentials" have a say in government. We poor white folks are gonna get a good taste of the "snake oil" that our "betters" have been selling for 246 years!

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