Most Evil Singer Ever

This is the greatest celebrity criminal of All Time
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  1. Years ago a youtuber called 'horror stories' released a video about this whole incident and Joanne the ex had spammed his comment section and tried to get the video removed from his channel, he made a video about this. Just something interesting to note.

  2. Let’s not stereotype welsh people and the welsh police most welsh people in wales are welcoming and friendly, not all are child abusers and also not all welsh police are useless, this is a one off event which will never happen ever again.

  3. I used to like Lost Prophets back when I was in high school. I graduated back in 2011, then found out everything later on. These crimes are STILL some of the most insane things I’ve ever heard of. Like I don’t know how you can even IMAGINE doing something so horrid.

  4. Omg this again. I listened to a podcast about this recently while at work driving and now everytime I drive round the places I was it give me like flashbacks. Idk if I can hear this again.

  5. Not only is he a disgusting human being but dumb as a box of bricks. His password was "I f*k kids." How much more obvious could you be?
    The mothers of those kids are just as evil as he is. Anyone even halfway decent would have reported him. The one woman who did try to report him was abused by the police because she was a prostitute and a drug addict. The police should also be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Even before watching the video I can share that at the time that the news came I was already a fan for a few years and I really identified with the band. It devastated me and it was the most I have ever been affected by news about an artist.

  7. It sucks that the music was so good tho, awful person, and I feel bad for the other band members who weren't involved with his evil deeds who may have just been good dudes who's careers were ruined by association.

  8. I think seprating artist from art works well if maybe you where kind of in the middle. If you did not really care for them then you not going to start listening after this shit but also if you was a massive fan of theirs tehn I can imagine you also not being able to listen anymore. But if you was somewhere in the middle then maybe you could still seperate…. Actually maybe not for this crime.

  9. After reading the Lyrics to Rooftops. There is a line in that song that sounds more creepy after knowing what Ian Watkins did. And it says " All the love I met. I have no regret." In hindsight makes that line very creepy and fucked up.

  10. She got arrested while they were looking into him.
    Then she started compiling a case against him?
    "Oh remember that time I rocked up the station off my head and angry about him and called him a pedo?"
    All this while during her relationship with him she got off on the ideas he had and was encouraging him?
    To save her ass piles it all on him?
    Sounds awfully convenient to me.

  11. The music industry – like any money-making industry – is happy to turn a blind eye (and repel authorities) because it might hit their sales. Money always overpowers morality. 😪

  12. You are lucky he isint in sweden. He got 35 years in america you get that if you murder multiple children and rape every women here. For his crime he would have got maximum 5 years in sweden

  13. You gotta feel bad for the other band members. He destroyed their careers. It’s horrible what he did, personally I don’t believe in the seperate the art from the artist. If you’re a disgusting individual then your art shouldn’t be supported.

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